Curriculum Materials

Questions about BEARS? - Learn about the bears of Glacier! Find out how black bears and grizzlies are different, get links to current bear research, and find information about curriculum materials to learn about bears in the classroom.
Questions about GLACIERS? - Find out what's going on with Glacier Park's glaciers! Learn what a glacier is, find links to current glacier research, and get information about curriculum materials to learn about glaciers and climate change in the classroom.
Nature & Science Data - Links to information about Glacier's plants, animals, geology, climate, air & water quality, and much more.


A good place to find information and classroom materials about Glacier is through the "bookstore" link to the left. The Glacier Association is a nonprofit cooperating association of the National Park Service and has a wide variety of materials for students and teachers. Our Educators' List details recommended publications and related products about the flora, fauna, and history of Glacier National Park.

Not only that, but the Glacier Association helps to support Glacier National Park's educational, interpretive, cultural and scientific program needs. Many of the items listed on-line are also available at one of the Glacier Association bookstores (at the Belton Train Depot in West Glacier or on Highway 2 in Columbia Falls). You can reach them by phone weekdays, at 406-888-5756.


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