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    National Park Montana

Parks as Classrooms

Field Trips

Bring your students to Glacier! Plan a Ranger-led field trip or get information about self-guided programs and service learning opportunities in Glacier. Have your students visit a beaver lodge, hike a trail through the re-growth of a burned forest, or for older students, get up to a cirque lake. In winter, students can strap on snowshoes and feel what it's like to be a camouflaged snowshoe hare!

Curriculum Materials

Bring Glacier National Park into your classroom! Glacier’s Teacher Guide provides lessons for both field trip-bound students and students learning about our ecosystem in the classroom. Lesson plans from the Ken Burns’ series on National Parks could supplement a social studies curriculum, the Wilderness & Land Ethics Curriculum could teach your students the meaning of wilderness, and much more!

Traveling Trunks

Do your students want to touch a bear skull, listen to songbirds sing, or wear a real park ranger uniform? Traveling trunks focusing on topics from fire ecology to grizzly bears are available for local check out. Find out more about borrowing Glacier’s traveling trunks today!

Institutes & Field Schools

The Glacier Institute, a private nonprofit, provides hands-on, field-based educational adventures to people from all over the world in nature’s wildest places, Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest, located within the Crown of the Continent ecosystem!