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The songbird kit is a great way to get students thinking about the amazing feat of migration and where our summer songbirds disappear to every winter. It contains wonderful cultural connections with peoples living in Central and South America. If you would like to borrow the songbird kit please submit a reservation form with the dates you are interested in.

Teacher Guides
Songbird Blues: Exploring Migratory Songbirds of the Americas
Grades K-5
Fiesta! Mexico and Central America: A Global Awareness Program Grades 2-5

How Do Birds Find Their Way?
A Field Guide to the Birds Coloring Book
The Spruce Tree and the Chickadee
Feathered Travelers: Neotropical Migratory Birds of the Americas
Flute's Journey: The Life of a Wood Thrush
Save My Rainforest
The Hummingbird King
Beginner's Guide to Birds: Western Region
(eight copies)

Fact Cards
Swainson's Thrush
Western Tanager
Rufus Hummingbird
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Lazuli Bunting
Brow-headed Cowbird

International Migratory Bird Day
Boreal forest magazines and poster
1999 educators supplement materials
Birds in a changing climate magazines and posters
Shade the coffee: shelter the birds posters

Bird Migration - Tracking the Journeys
Tropical Birds in Your Backyard
Bird Migration of the Western Hemisphere

Peterson Western Bird Songs cassette tapes
Peterson North American Birds CD
Voices of the Songbirds cassette tape

Bird Objects
Five (5) bird puppets
One (1) bird nest puppet
Create a bird habitat felt board

Eight (8) pairs of binoculars
Bird of North America playing cards
Bird buttons

kit contents

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