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Lesson Plans & Teacher Guides

Glacier Teacher's Guide - K-12 teacher guide which incorporates American Indian activities and information from Work House as well as other pre- and post- visit lesson plans for Glacier National Park field trips.

Additional lesson plans and teacher guides:

Indian Education - Links to all the pdf files that make up Work House: A Glacier National Park Science Education Program created by Terry Welder and the Division of Interpretation at Glacier National Park with the help of many people from the tribal cultural committees, and the reservation school systems (revised 1998).

FireWorks Curriculum - K-12 lessons created by the U.S. Forest Service Fire Lab in Missoula, MT which features ponderosa, lodgepole, and whitebark pine forests. It provides students with interactive, hands-on materials to study the forces that cause change in forests, particularly wildland fire.

Ecosystem Education (COCEEC) Activities - Educational resources on the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem created by the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem Consortium (COCEEC), a collaborative organization made up of area education providers.

The Wilderness & Land Ethic Curriculum - K-12 lesson plans from the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center which introduce students to the concept of wilderness.

Teaching History and Culture - Links to lesson plans from the Ken Burns PBS Series "The National Parks: America's Best Idea" as well as Glacier specific lessons involving the Going-to-the-Sun-Road and the park's virtual museum collection.

Virtual Glacier Field Trip - Can't make it to the park? Try out this virtual field trip that includes park info, activities, and assessment tools.

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