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K-3, Unit Four : Activity 1: Goldilocks and the Real Bears

black bear coloring book picture

black bear outline

Helen Seay

Students compare the bears in the story to real bears.

Grade Levels: K-1
Time Required: about 1/2 hour
Subject Areas: language arts, life sciences


  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Pictures of Real Bears - black, grizzly, and polar (magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.)

1. Read the story. Compare the pictures of the bears in the story to pictures of real bears. Compare their homes (black bear=dense forest, grizzly bear=open mountain sides, polar bear=arctic ice), food (black bear=grass, berries, insects; grizzly bear=grass, berries, roots, ground squirrels, insects; polar bear=seals, fish) and how they live.
2. Give each student a large piece of paper. On one-half of the paper, have them draw the three bears in the story. On the other half, have them draw the real bears in their habitat.

Part 2 above.

Did You Know?

Grizzly bears

Grizzly bears in the park have a wide variety of food sources, including glacier lily bulbs, insects, and berries. They may also make an early season meal of mountain goats that were swept down in avalanches over the winter.