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FireWorks Curriculum

Developed by the Fire Lab in Missoula, MT, this curriculm features ponderosa, lodgepole, and whitebark pine forests, and provides students with interactive, hands-on materials to study the forces that cause change in forests, particularly wildland fire.

The U.S. Forest Service - Missoula Fire Sciences Lab website has a page that describes the curriculum and its effectiveness in teaching about wildland fire. You can download or view all of it by choosing the "curriculum" link at the Fire Sciences Lab website about FireWorks .

The FireWorks educational trunk is available for loan by submitting this reservation form. If you have futher questions, please contact the Glacier Education Specialist. The Flathead National Forest also has a copy of this same trunk for loan. The contact information is on our additional trunks in the Flathead Valley list.

Did You Know?

The Robert Fire of 2003

Did you know that 2003 was one of the hottest recorded years in Glacier National Park's history? That year, approximately 144,000 acres burned from multiple wildfires.