• Visitors hike along the base of the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

    Gila Cliff Dwellings

    National Monument New Mexico

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  • Time Change for Guided Tours

    Effective Sunday November 2nd, our daily guided tour will change to 1 PM. Through Saturday November 1st, the tour will be at 11 AM. You must be at the tour start (about 1/2 mile hike) by the start time. Of course, self guided tours are still available.

  • NM Highway 152 Closed

    NM Highway 152 between Hillsboro and San Lorenzo is closed due to multiple washouts. Anyone traveling south on Interstate 25 towards the Gila Cliff Dwellings should take NM 26 to Deming as an alternate route.

  • Thunderstorm Safety Closures Possible

    When thunderstorms are nearby, the trail to and from the Gila Cliff Dwellings is closed. Please check local forecasts before you visit. Thunderstorms are typically more likely in the afternoon. On some afternoons it is not possible to reopen. More »


A photo of a brilliant blue fleabane with a yellow center seen along a trail.

Spreading fleabane along the trail to the Cliff Dwellings.

NPS Photo by Barry Nielsen

In the vicinity of the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument, there is a rich abundance and variety of wild flowers. Those who visit the Monument often would notice a constant change of flowers in bloom as the seasons advance. There are many opportunities for someone who likes to capture the beauty of the flowers with their cameras.

Some of the common flowers include:
Common Aster, Beebalm,
Rocky Mountain Beeplant,
Blanketflower, Cattail,
Golden Colombine, Cutleaf Coneflower,
Cosmos, Sacred Datura,
Evening Primrose, False Solomon's Seal,
Four O'Clock, Gilia,
Goldensmoke, Globemallow,
New Mexico Lupine, Goldensmoke,
Horsetail, Larkspur,
Locoweed, Meadow Rue,
Wild Mint, Dwarf Mistletoe,
Yellow Monkey Flower, Morning Glory,
Indian Paintbrush, Beardlip Penstemon,
Purple Penstemon, Prickly Poppy,
Rush, Mexican Silene, Snakeweed,
Vine Snapdragon, Stinging Nettle,
Sunflower, White Sweet Clover,
Yellow Sweet Clover, New Mexico Thistle,
Vervain, Canada Violet,
Watercress, Wood Sorrel,
Western Yarrow, and many more.

In addition, many of the Cactus plants have beautiful flowers. In June, for example, the prickly pear cactus just downslope of the Cliff Dwellings have beautiful yellow flowers. In May, the Clarut Cup Cactus bloom with beautiful red flowers.

If you would like a more complete list of flowers common in this area, click on the link, "Common Plants in the Vicinity of Gila Cliff Dwellings."

Did You Know?

Geronimo Plaque

Geronimo said, “I was born at the headwaters of the Gila River.” The Gila area in New Mexico is the traditional homeland of the Eastern Bands of Chiricahua Apache and remains important to their oral traditions, history and cultural identity.