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Visitors hiking in a park.
How to Earn a Certificate or Patch!

Who knows what type of adventure you may have as a Scout Ranger.

Earn a certificate
Participate for five hours in either an educational program or volunteer service project.

Download the certificate. (Use of the certificate is on the honor system, as the certificate should only be downloaded after contributing five hours to project.


Climb high! Just like these visitors to Sequoia National Park (CA).

Earn a patch
Participate for ten hours in either an educational program or volunteer service project.

Scouts will be awarded a patch upon verbally reporting their completion of the program requirements to an NPS employee or volunteer at a visitor center or information center.


Go back in history like these park visitors to Lewis and Clark National Historical Park (OR).

Activity Sheet
Scouts interested in keeping a log of their hours may use the Activity Sheet. This is not a requirement, but keeping track may assist you in determining how many hours you have completed.


Discover new plants and animals like this young visitor to Everglades National Park (FL).

Share your Experience
We would love to hear about your experience as a Scout Ranger!

Keep in touch with us. Send an email to the National Park Service. Be sure to include your name, age, and troop.

You can also submit a short description of your experience to the BSA Good Turn for America website.