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Eagle Scout Certificate of Recognition

Boy Scouts who have completed their requirements for an Eagle Scout award are eligible to receive a certificate of recognition from the National Park Service. Participation at a national park is not a prerequisite for NPS recognition.

Earn A Certificate

It is encouraged that Scout leaders and/or parents download the certificate. (Use of the certificate is based on the honor system, as the certificate should only be downloaded after achieving the Eagle Scout status).

Scout leaders and/or parents may also send an e-mail or letter to the Youth Programs office requesting recognition of the young person's Eagle Scout achievements.

Send requests to: valerie_brown@nps.gov or
NPS Youth Programs
1201 Eye Street NW 11th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005

Due to the popularity of this program among the thousands of young people receiving Eagle Scout awards each year, persons requesting NPS recognition should be sure to submit their requests at least one month in advance of the date when the certificate is needed. In addition, scout leaders who have multiple scouts for whom NPS recognition is requested are encouraged to include all of the names within one single email. Separate emails are not necessary.