Ranger Programs at Gettysburg

Ranger Program

A battlefield program at Gettysburg.

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Gettysburg offers a variety of ranger guided programs and battlefield walks for park visitors throughout the year. A full schedule of programs is offered during the summer months from mid-June through mid August with select programs that highlight different aspects of the battlefield and cemetery provided in the spring and fall. We also offer our Mid-Winter Lecture Series of indoor programs, held at the Museum and Visitor Center from January through March. Check our park web site prior to your visit for updated schedules and announcements!



From mid-June through mid-August, Gettysburg National Military Park offers a variety of ranger guided programs for our visitors with subjects ranging from battle history to medical practices of the Civil War, "Visit to the Past" living history presentations, and battlefield hikes. Programs are offered at the Museum and Visitor Center, on the battlefield, and in the Soldiers' National Cemetery, with lengths between twenty minutes and two hours depending on the subject matter and location. We also offer special programs and activities for our younger visitors. The complete summer schedule is available on the Summer Ranger Programs page or download a pdf of the program schedule:

(June 6 to August 16, 2015.)



Daily Programs at 3:30 p.m.
Programs are two hours in length (unless otherwise noted)

Date Program - Ranger Start Location End Location

July 17
The Cannonade of July 3: "To tear him limbless" - Bert Barnett G.A.R. Monument, N. Hancock Ave. Tour Stop #15, The Angle
July 18 Culp's Hill: Back Door to the Battlefield - Chuck Teague Tour Stop #14, Stevens' Knoll Geary Statue, Williams Avenue
July 19 General Sickles' July 2 Reconnaissance - Caitlin Kostic Tour Stop #10, the Peach Orchard Berdan Avenue
July 20 East Cavalry Battlefield - Tom Holbrook Confederate Cavalry Ave. and Cav. Field Rd. Michigan Brig. Monument, Gregg Avenue
July 21 Junius Daniel's Brigade on July 1 - Dan Vermilyea Tour Stop #2, Eternal Light Peace Memorial The Railroad Cut
July 22 Confounded General Sickles! - Chuck Teague Tour Stop #11, U.S. Avenue Trostle House, U.S. Avenue
July 23 Shifting Daniel & O'Neal to the left, "affording hopes of doing this to advantage" - Troy Harman Solders' National Monument in National Cemetery Gordon Brigade tablet, East Confederate Avenue
July 24 Caldwell Clears the Wheatfield - Bill Hewitt Junction U.S. and Hancock Avenues Tour Stop #9, The Wheatfield
July 25 "With bayonet, clubbed musket, sword, pistol and rocks", Attack and Defense of Cemetery Hill - Dan Welch Baltimore St. Entrance, National Cemetery Howard Equestrian Monument, E. Cemetery Hill
July 26 Repulse of Pickett's Charge - Bill Hewitt Soldiers' National Cemetery Parking Lot High Water Mark Auto Tour Stop #1
July 27 "A Scene of the Wildest Character" The Fight at Devil's Den - Dan Welch Devil's Den Parking Lot Devil's Den Parking Lot
July 28 Johnson's Confederates Attack Culps Hill - Troy Harman Benner Hill Spanglers Spring Auto Tour Stop #13
July 29 Junius Daniel's Brigade on July 1 - Dan Vermilya Eternal Light Peace Memorial Auto Tour Stop #2 The Railroad Cut
July 30 General Sickles' July 2 Reconnaissance - Caitlin Kostic The Peach Orchard Auto Tour Stop #10 Berdan Avenue
July 31 The Cannonade of July 3 "To Tear Him Limbless..." - Bert Barnett G.A.R. Monument, North Hancock Ave. High Water Mark Auto Tour Stop #15
Aug. 1 Bravery & Butchery - The Fighting Fortitude of a Forgotten Brigade - von Amsberg, Day 1 - Chuck Teague Tennis Courts along Mummasburg Rd. just south of Howard Ave. Howard Avenue at Carlisle Road
Aug. 2 "Whirlwind in the Wheatfield" - John Hoptak Intersection of Wheatfield Road &Sedgwick Avenue 11th PA Reserves Monument on Ayres Avenue
Aug. 3 Fury at the Bliss Farm - The Destruction of a Sniper's Nest - Nate Hess Soldiers' National Cemetery Parking Lot Bliss Farm
Aug. 4 General Buford for the Defense! June 30 - July 1 - Brian Henry West End Guide Station West End Guide Station
Aug. 5 Abner Perrin's South Carolina Brigade on July 1 - Matt Atkinson McPherson Ridge Auto Tour Stop #1 Lutheran Theological Seminary
Aug. 6 "Fighting With the Desperation of a Forlorn Hope" - Coster's Brigade & Heckman's Battery - Chuck Teague Gettysburg Fire Station, North Stratton Street Gettysburg Train Station, Carlisle Street
Aug. 7 Did Meade Begin A Counter-Offensive After Pickett's Charge? - Troy Harman Intersection of Wheatfield Road & Sedgwick Avenue. Brooke Avenue
Aug. 8 Meade Breaks Longstreet, 2 July, 1863 - Bill Hewitt Father Corby Monument South Hancock Avenue Pennsylvania Memorial Auto Tour Stop #12


Nightly at 8:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
at the Park Amphitheater, near Auto Tour Stop # 6
Date Program Ranger

July 17 Gettysburg: A Turning Point? Bill Hewitt
July 18 "Many are called but few are chosen." Berdan's Sharpshooters Caitlin Kostic
July 19 Martyrs of the Race Course- The Forgotten Decoration Day Dan Welch
July 20 "War's Relentless Hand" The Civilian Contribution Evangelina Rubalcava
July 21 The Spiritual Awakening in Lee's Army after Gettysburg Troy Harman
July 22 The Battle of Shiloh, April 1862: "Conquer or Perish!" Dan Vermilyea
July 23 Tools of War: The Weapons of Gettysburg Philip Brown
July 24 "In great deeds something abides." Joshua Chamberlain in History and Memory Nate Hess
July 25 Hoosier's Courage: Indiana at Gettysburg Brian Henry

July 26 Raising the Dead: Writing the Civil War to Life Michelle Bonczek and Rob Ervoy
July 27 Lee's First Invasion: The Maryland Campaign of 1862 John Hoptak
July 28 Lee Decides To Make a Fight of It - Changing His Mind on July 1 Chuck Teague
July 29 "Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen": The Berdan Sharpshooters Caitlin Kostic
July 30 "To Judge and Act For Myself" - The Experiences and Perceptions of Charles S. Wainwright Bert Barnett
July 31 James Garfield & the Civil War - "For Ohio and the Union!" Dan Vermilya
Aug. 1 Birds With A Gettysburg Address - the 2015 Edition Bonnie Portzline
Aug. 2 The Tools of War: The Weapons of Gettysburg Philip Brown
Aug. 3 War's Relentless Hand: The Civilian Contribution Evangelina Rubalcava
Aug. 4 The Siege of Vicksburg Matt Atkinson
Aug. 5 The Closing Scenes: Farragut, The End of the War, and Beyond Karlton Smith
Aug. 6 Gettysburg Address Line-by-Line; Reads Like American History Troy Harman
Aug. 7 Kennesaw Mountain & the Atlanta Campaign Dan Vermilya
Aug. 8 Lincoln at Gettysburg Addresses Freedom Chuck Teague



Ranger-guided walks and programs are offered on a limited schedule annually in April through early June, and from late August through mid-October. Focusing on key moments of the battle, the aftermath and the Civil War experience, the programs are held at famous sites like Little Round Top, Devil's Den, Culp's Hill, and the Soldiers' National Cemetery. During this season, programs and program times can change on a daily basis so please inquire at the Museum and Visitor Center Information Desk for a printed schedule, or call (717) 334-1124 x 4468.



Winter's cold does not deter Gettysburg rangers from continuing to study and develop programs regarding Gettysburg, the Civil War and this events impact on our history. From January through mid-March, the park offers a series of lectures that touch on many different aspects of the Civil War and with the observance of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War at hand, the programs will expand beyond the boundaries of the Gettysburg Campaign. The causes of the conflict, presidents and generals, the great battles and profound decisions, the aftermath and reconstruction with their ties to Gettysburg will be the focus of the series through 2015. Programs are held on weekends in the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center. A full schedule of programs will be posted on our Schedule of Park Events page in December 2015.

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