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The Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg

Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg

Maj. Gen. James Longstreet

McLAWS' DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw
2nd South Carolina Infantry- Col. John D. Kennedy (w), Lt. Col. F. Gaillard
3rd South Carolina Infantry- Col. J. D. Nance, Maj. Robert C. Maffett
7th South Carolina Infantry- Col. D. Wyatt Aiken
8th South Carolina Infantry- Col. John W. Henagan
15th South Carolina Infantry- Col. William DeSaussure (k), Maj. William M. Gist
3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalion- Lt. Col. William G. Rice

Semmes' Brigade- Brig. Gen. Paul J. Semmes (mw), Col. Goode Bryan
10th Georgia Infantry- Col. John B. Weems
50th Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. Francis Kearse (mw), Maj. Peter A.S. McClashan
51st Georgia Infantry- Col. Edward Ball
53rd Georgia Infantry- Col. James P. Simms

Barksdale's Brigade- Brig. Gen. William Barksdale (mw/c), Col. Benjamin G. Humphreys
13th Mississippi Infantry- Col. John W. Carter (k)
17th Mississippi Infantry- Col. William D. Holder (w), Lt. Col. John C. Fiser (w)
18th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Thomas M. Griffin(w), Lt. Col. William H. Luse (c)
21st Mississippi Infantry- Col. Benjamin G. Humphreys

Wofford's Brigade- Brig. Gen. William T. Wofford
16th Georgia Infantry- Col. Goode Bryan
18th Georgia Infantry- Lieut. Col. Solon Z. Ruff
24th Georgia Infantry- Col. Robert McMillin
Cobb's (Georgia) Legion Infantry- Lt. Col. Luther J. Glenn
Phillips' (Georgia) Legion Infantry- Lt. Col. Elihu S. Barclay

Cabell's Artillery Battalion- Col. Henry Coalter Cabell
Battery A, 1st North Carolina Artillery- Capt. Basil C. Manly
Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery- Capt. John C. Fraser (mw), Lt. William J. Furlong
1st Richmond Howitzers- Capt. Edward S. McCarthy
Troup (Georgia) Artillery - Capt. Henry H. Carlton (w), Lt. Columbus W. Motes

PICKETT'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett

Garnett's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett (k), Maj. C. S. Peyton
8th Virginia Infantry- Col. Eppa Hunton (w)
18th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Henry A. Carrington
19th Virginia Infantry- Col. Henry Gantt (w), Lt. Col. John T. Ellis (mw)
28th Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert C. Allen (k), Lt. Col. William Watts
56th Virginia Infantry- Col. William D. Stuart (mw), Lt. Col. Philip P. Slaughter

Kemper's Brigade- Brig. Gen. James L. Kemper, Col. Joseph Mayo, Jr.
1st Virginia Infantry- Col. Lewis B. Williams (k), Lt. Col. Frederick G. Skinner
3rd Virginia Infantry- Col. Joseph Mayo, Jr., Lt. Col. Alexander D. Callcote (k)
7th Virginia Infantry- Col. Waller T. Patton (mw), Lt. Col. Charles C. Flowerree
11th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Kirkwood Otey (w)
24th Virginia Infantry- Col. William R. Terry

Armistead's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead (mw/c), Col. William R. Aylett (w)
9th Virginia Infantry- Maj. John C. Owens (mw)
14th Virginia Infantry- Col. James G. Hodges (k), Lt. Col. William White
38th Virginia Infantry- Col. Edward C. Edmonds (k), Lt. Col. Powhatan B. Whittle (w)
53rd Virginia Infantry- Col. William R. Aylett (w), Lt. Col. Rawley W. Martin (w/c)
57th Virginia Infantry- Col. John Bowie Magruder (mw/c)

Dearing's Artillery Battalion- Maj. James Dearing
Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Robert M. Stribling
Hampden (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. William H. Caskie
Richmond Fayette Artillery- Capt. Miles C. Macon
Lynchburg (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Joseph G. Blount

HOOD'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. John B. Hood (w), Brig. Gen. Evander M. Law

Law's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Evander M. Law, Col. James L. Sheffield
4th Alabama Infantry- Col. Lawrence H. Scruggs
15th Alabama Infantry- Col. William C. Oates, Capt. Blanton A. Hill
44th Alabama Infantry- Col. William F. Perry
47th Alabama Infantry- Col. James W. Jackson, Lt. Col. J. M. Bulger (w/c), Maj. James M. Campbell
48th Alabama Infantry- Col. James L. Sheffield, Capt. T. J. Eubanks

Robertson's Brigade ("Hood's Texas Brigade")- Brig. Gen. Jerome B. Robertson
3rd Arkansas Infantry- Col. Van H. Manning (w), Lt. Col. Robert S. Taylor
1st Texas Infantry- Col. Phillip A. Work
4th Texas Infantry- Col. John C. G. Key (w), Maj. John P. Bane
5th Texas Infantry- Col. Robert M. Powell (w/c), Lt. Col. King Bryan (w), Maj. Jefferson C. Rogers

Anderson's Brigade-Brig. Gen. George T. Anderson (w), Lt. Col. William Luffman
7th Georgia Infantry- Col. William W. White
8th Georgia Infantry- Col. John R. Towers
9th Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. John C. Mounger (k), Maj. William M. Jones, Capt. George Hillyer
11th Georgia Infantry- Col. Francis H. Little (w), Lt. Col. William Luffman (w), Maj. Henry D. McDaniel (w), Capt. William H. Mitchell
59th Georgia Infantry- Col. William "Jack" Brown (w/c), Capt. M. G. Bass

Benning's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Henry L. Benning
2nd Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. William T. Harris (k), Maj. William S. Shepherd
15th Georgia Infantry- Col. M. Dudley DuBose
17th Georgia Infantry- Col. Wesley C. Hodges
20th Georgia Infantry- Col. John A. Jones (k), Lt. Col. James D. Waddell

Henry's Artillery Battalion-Maj. Mathis W. Henry
Branch (North Carolina) Artillery- Capt. Alexander C. Latham
German (South Carolina) Artillery- Capt. William K. Bachman
Palmetto (South Carolina) Light Artillery- Capt. Hugh R. Garden
Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery- Capt. James Reilly

First Corps Artillery Reserve- Col. James B. Walton

Alexander's Artillery Battalion- Col. Edward P. Alexander
Ashland (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr. (w), Lt. James Woolfolk
Bedford (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Tyler C. Jordan
Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery- Lt. S. C. Gilbert
Madison (Louisiana) Artillery- Capt. George V. Moody
Virginia (Richmond) Battery- Capt. William W. Parke
Virginia (Bath) Battery- Capt. Osmond B. Taylor

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery Battalion- Maj. Benjamin F. Eshleman
1st Company- Capt. Charles W. Squires
2nd Company- Capt. John B. Richardson
3rd Company- Capt. Merritt B. Miller
4th Company- Capt. Joe Norcom (w), Lt. Henry A. Battles


Lt. Gen. Richard S. Ewell

EARLY'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early

Hays' Brigade- Brig. Gen. Harry T. Hays
5th Louisiana Infantry- Maj. Alexander Hart (w), Capt. Thomas H. Biscoe
6th Louisiana Infantry- Lt. Col. Joseph Hanlon
7th Louisiana Infantry- Col. Davidson B. Penn
8th Louisiana Infantry- Col. Trevanion D. Lewis, Lt. Col. Alcibiades DeBlanc (w), Maj. German A. Lester
9th Louisiana Infantry- Col. Leroy A. Stafford

Smith's Brigade- Brig. Gen. William "Extra Billy" Smith
31st Virginia Infantry- Col. John S. Hoffman
49th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. J. Catlett Gibson
52nd Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. James H. Skinner

Hoke's Brigade- Col. Isaac E. Avery (mw), Col. Archibald C. Godwin
6th North Carolina Infantry- Maj. Samuel D. McD. Tate
21st North Carolina Infantry- Col. William W. Kirkland
57th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Archibald C. Godwin

Gordon's Brigade- Brig. Gen. John B. Gordon
13th Georgia Infantry- Col. James L. Smith
26th Georgia Infantry- Col. Edmund N. Atkinson
31st Georgia Infantry- Col. Clement A. Evans
38th Georgia Infantry- Capt. William L. McLeod
60th Georgia Infantry- Capt. Waters B. Jones
61st Georgia Infantry- Col. John H. Lamar

Jones' Artillery Battalion- Lt. Col. Hilary P. Jones
Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. James McD. Carrington
Courtney (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. William A. Tanner
Louisiana Guard Artillery- Capt. Charles A. Green
Staunton (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Asher W. Garber

RODES' DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes

Daniel's Brigade-- Brig. Gen. Junius Daniel
32nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Edmund C. Brabble
43rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Thomas S. Kenan (w/c), Lt. Col. William G. Lewis
45th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Samuel H. Boyd (c), Maj. John R. Winston (w/c), Capt. A. H. Gallaway (w), Capt. James A. Hopkins
53rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. William A. Owens
2nd North Carolina Infantry Battalion- Lt. Col. Hezekiah L. Andrews (w), Capt. Van Brown

Iverson's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson
5th North Carolina Infantry- Capt. Speight B. West, Capt. Benjamin Robinson
12th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. William S. Davis
20th North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Nelson Slough (w), Capt. Lewis T. Hicks
23rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Daniel H. Christie (mw), Capt. William H. Johnston

Doles' Brigade- Brig. Gen. George Doles
4th Georgia Infantry- Lt. Col. David R. E. Winn (k), Maj. William H. Willis
12th Georgia Infantry- Col. Edward Willis
21st Georgia Infantry- Col. John T. Mercer
44th Georgia Infantry- Col. Samuel P. Lumpkin (mw/c), Maj. William H. Peebles

Ramseur's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur
2nd North Carolina Infantry- Maj. Daniel W. Hurt (W), Capt. James T. Scales
4th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Bryan Grimes
14th North Carolina Infantry- Col. R. Tyler Bennett (w), Maj. Joseph H. Lambeth
30th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Francis M. Parker (w), Maj. W. W. Sillers

O'Neal's Brigade- Col. Edward A. O'Neal
3rd Alabama Infantry- Col. Cullen A. Battle
5th Alabama Infantry- Col. Josephus M. Hall
6th Alabama Infantry- Col. James N. Lightfoot (w), Capt. M. L. Bowie
12th Alabama Infantry- Col. Samuel B. Pickens
26th Alabama Infantry- Lt. Col. John C. Goodgame

Carter's Artillery Battalion- Lt. Col. Thomas H. Carter
Jeff Davis (Alabama) Artillery- Capt. William J. Reese
King William (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. William P. Carter
Morris (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Richard C. M. Page
Orange (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Charles W. Fry

JOHNSON'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Edward Johnson

Steuart's Brigade- Brig. Gen. George H. Steuart
1st Maryland Infantry Battalion (2nd MD Infantry, CSA)- Lt. Col. James R. Herbert (w), Maj. William W. Goldsborough (w), Capt. James P. Crane
1st North Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Hamilton Allen Brown
3rd North Carolina Infantry- Maj. William M. Parsley
10th Virginia Infantry- Col. Edward T. H. Warren
23rd Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Simeon T. Walton
37th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Henry C. Wood

Nicholls' Brigade- Col. Jesse M. Williams
1st Louisiana Infantry- Col. Michael Nolan
2nd Louisiana Infantry- Lt. Col. Ross E. Burke
10th Louisiana Infantry- Maj. Thomas N. Powell
14th Louisiana Infantry- Lt. Col. David Zable
15th Louisiana Infantry- Maj. Andrew Brady

Walker's Brigade("Stonewall Brigade")- Brig. Gen. James Walker
2nd Virginia Infantry- Col. John Q.A. Nadenbousch
4th Virginia Infantry- Maj. William Terry
5th Virginia Infantry- Col. John H. S. Funk
27th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Daniel M. Shriver
33rd Virginia Infantry- Capt. James B. Golladay

Jones' Brigade- Brig. Gen. John. M. Jones (w), Lt. Col. Robert H. Dungan
21st Virginia Infantry- Capt. William P. Moseley
25th Virginia Infantry- Col. John C. Higginbotham (w), Lt. Col. J. A. Robinson (absent)
42nd Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert Withers, Capt. Samuel H. Saunders
44th Virginia Infantry- Maj. Norval Cobb (w), Capt. Thomas R. Buckner
48th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Robert H. Dungan, Maj. Oscar White
50th Virginia Infantry- Lt. Col. Logan H. N. Salyer

Latimer's Artillery Battalion- Maj. James W. Latimer (mw)
1st Maryland Battery- Capt. William F. Dement
Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. John C. Carpenter
Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery- Capt. William D. Brown
Lee (Virginia) Battery- Capt. Charles I. Raine (mw), Lt. William M. Hardwicke

Second Corps Artillery Reserve- Col. J. Thompson Brown

Dance's Artillery Battalion- Capt. Willis J. Dance
2nd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers- Capt. David Watson
3rd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers- Capt. Benjamin H. Smith, Jr.
Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery- Lt. John M. Cunningham
Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Archibald Graham
Salem (Virginia) Artillery- Lt. Charles B. Griffin

Nelson's Artillery Battalion- Lt. Col. William Nelson
Amherst (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. John L. Massie
Georgia Battery- Capt. John Milledge, Jr.


Lt. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill

ANDERSON'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox
8th Alabama Infantry- Lt. Col. Hilary A. Herbert
9th Alabama Infantry- Capt. J. Horace King (w)
10th Alabama Infantry- Col. William H. Forney (w/c), Lt. Col. James E. Shelley
11th Alabama Infantry- Col. John C. C. Sanders (w), Lt. Col. George E. Tayloe
14th Alabama Infantry- Col. Lucius Pinckard (w/c), Lt. Col. James A. Broome

Wright's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright, Col. William Gibson
3rd Georgia Infantry- Col. Edward J. Walker
22nd Georgia Infantry- Col. Joseph A. Wasden (k), Capt. Benjamin C. McCurry
48th Georgia Infantry- Col. William Gibson (w/c), Capt. Matthew R. Hall
2nd Georgia Infantry Battalion- Maj. George W. Ross (mw), Capt. Charles J. Moffett

Mahone's Brigade- Brig. Gen. William Mahone
6th Virginia Infantry- Col. George T. Rogers
12th Virginia Infantry- Col. David A. Weisiger
16th Virginia Infantry- Col. Joseph H. Ham
41st Virginia Infantry- Col. William A. Parham
61st Virginia Infantry- Col. Virginius D. Groner

Perry's Brigade- Col. David Lang
2nd Florida Infantry- Maj. Walter R. Moore
5th Florida Infantry- Capt. Richmond N. Gardner
8th Florida Infantry- Lt. Col. William Baya

Posey's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Carnot Posey
12th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Walter H. Taylor
16th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Samuel E. Baker
19th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Nathaniel H. Harris
48th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Joseph M. Jayne

Lane's Artillery Battalion ("Sumter Battalion", Georgia)- Maj. John Lane
Company A - Capt. Hugh M. Ross
Company B - Capt. George M. Patterson
Company C - Capt. John T. Wingfield

HETH'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. Henry Heth (w), Brig. Gen. James J. Pettigrew (w)

Pettigrew's Brigade- Brig. Gen. James J. Pettigrew, Col. James K. Marshall (k)
11th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Collett Leventhorpe (w/c), Maj. Egbert Ross (k)
26th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Henry K. Burgwyn (k), Lt. Col. John Lane (w), Maj. John J. Jones (w), Capt. Henry C. Albright
47th North Carolina Infantry- Col. George H. Faribault (w), Lt. Col. John A. Graves (w/c). Maj. Archibald Crudup (w/c)
52nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. James K. Marshall (k), Lt. Col. Marcus A. Parks

Brockenbrough's Brigade- Col. John M. Brockenborough
40th Virginia Infantry- Capt. T. Edwin Betts (w), Capt. R. B. Davis
47th Virginia Infantry- Col. Robert M. Mayo
55th Virginia Infantry- Col. William S. Christian
22nd Virginia Infantry Battalion- Maj. John S. Bowles

Archer's Brigade- Brig. Gen. James J. Archer (c), Col. Birkett D. Fry (w), Lt. Col. Samuel G. Shepherd
5th Alabama Infantry Battalion- Maj. Albert S. Van De Graaf
13th Alabama Infantry- Col. Birkett D. Fry
1st Tennessee (Provisional Army) Infantry- Maj. Felix G. Buchanan
7th Tennessee Infantry- Lt. Col. Samuel G. Shepherd
14th Tennessee Infantry- Capt. Bruce L. Phillips

Davis' Brigade- Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis
2nd Mississippi Infantry- Col. John M. Stone
11th Mississippi Infantry- Col. Francis M. Green
42nd Mississippi Infantry- Col. Hugh R. Miller (mw/c)
55th North Carolina Infantry- Col. John Kerr Connally

Garnett's Artillery Battalion- Lt. Col. John Garnett
Donaldsville (Louisiana) Artillery- Capt. Victor Maurin)
Huger (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Joseph D. Moore)
Lewis (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. John W. Lewis)
Norfolk Blues Light Artillery (Virginia)- Capt. Charles R. Grandy

PENDER'S DIVISION- Maj. Gen. William D. Pender (mw), Maj. Gen. Isaac Trimble (w/c), Brig. Gen. James H. Lane

Perrin's Brigade- Col. Abner Perrin
1st South Carolina Infantry (Provisional Army)- Maj. Charles W. McCreary
1st South Carolina Rifles- Capt. William M. Hadden
12th South Carolina Infantry- Col. John L. Miller
13th South Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Benjamin T. Brockman
14th South Carolina Infantry- Lt. Col. Joseph N. Brown

Lane's Brigade- Brig. Gen. James H. Lane, Col. Clark M. Avery
7th North Carolina Infantry- Maj. J. McCleod Turner (w/c), Capt. James G. Harris
18th North Carolina Infantry- Col. John D. Barry
28th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Samuel D. Lowe (w), Lt. Col. W. H. A. Speer (w)
33rd North Carolina Infantry- Col. Clark M. Avery
37th North Carolina Infantry- Col. William M. Barbour

Thomas' Brigade- Brig. Gen. Edward L. Thomas
14th Georgia Infantry- Col. Robert W. Folsom
35th Georgia Infantry- Col. Bolling H. Holt
45th Georgia Infantry- Col. Thomas J. Simmons
49th Georgia Infantry- Col. Samuel T. Player

Scales' Brigade- Brig. Gen. Alfred M. Scales, Lt. Col. George T. Gordon, Col. W. Lee. J. Lowrance
13th North Carolina Infantry- Col. Joseph H. Hyman (w), Lt. Col. Henry A. Rogers
16th North Carolina Infantry- Capt. Leroy W. Stowe
22nd North Carolina Infantry- Col. James Conner
34th North Carolina Infantry- Col. W. Lee. J. Lowrance, Lt. Col. George T. Gordon (w)
38th North Carolina Infantry- Col. William J. Hoke (w), Lt. Col. John Ashford

Poague's Artillery Battalion- Maj. William T. Poague
Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. James W. Wyatt
Charlotte (North Carolina) Artillery- Capt. Joseph Graham
Madison (Mississippi) Light Artillery- Capt. George Ward
Virginia (Warrington) Battery- Capt. James V. Brooke

Third Corps Artillery Reserve- Col. R. Lindsay Walker

McIntosh's Artillery Battalion- Maj. David G. McIntosh
Danville (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. R. Sidney Rice
Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery- Capt. William B. Hurt
2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery- Lt. Samuel Wallace
Virginia (Richmond) Battery- Capt. Marmaduke Johnson

Pegram's Artillery Battalion- Maj. William J. Pegram, Capt. E. B. Brunson
Crenshaw's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. William G. Crenshaw
Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Edward A. Marye
Letcher (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Thomas A. Brander
Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery- Lt. William E. Zimmerman
Purcell (Virginia) Artillery- Capt. Joseph McGraw


Maj. Gen. James E. B. Stuart

Hampton's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton (w), Col. Laurence S. Baker
1st North Carolina Cavalry- Col. Laurence S. Baker
1st South Carolina Cavalry- Col. John L. Black
2nd South Carolina Cavalry- Col. Matthew C. Butler
Cobb's Legion (Georgia)- Col. Pierce B. M. Young
Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi)- Col. Joseph F. Waring
Phillips' Legion (Georgia)- Lt. Col. Jefferson C. Phillips

Fitz Lee's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee
1st Maryland Battalion Cavalry- Maj. Harry Gilmore, Maj. Ridgely Brown
1st Virginia Cavalry- Col. James H. Drake
2nd Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas T. Munford
3rd Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas H. Owen
4th Virginia Cavalry- Col. William Carter Wickham
5th Virginia Cavalry- Col. Thomas L. Rosser

Robertson's Brigade- Brig. Gen. Beverly H. Robertson
4th North Carolina Cavalry- Col. Dennis D. Ferebee
5th North Carolina Cavalry- Col. Peter G. Evans

Jenkins' Brigade- Brig. Gen. Albert G. Jenkins (w), Col. Milton J. Ferguson
14th Virginia Cavalry- Maj. Benjamin F. Eakle
16th Virginia Cavalry- Col. Milton J. Ferguson
17th Virginia Cavalry- Col. William H. French
34th Virginia Battalion- Lt. Col. Vincent A. Witcher
36th Virginia Battalion- Capt. Cornelius T. Smith
Jackson's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. Thomas E. Jackson

Jones's Brigade- Brig. Gen. William E. Jones
6th Virginia Cavalry- Maj. Cabel E. Flournoy
7th Virginia Cavalry- Lt. Col. Thomas Marshall
11th Virginia Cavalry- Col. Lunsford L. Lomax

W. H. F. Lee's Brigade- Col. John R. Chambliss, Jr.
2nd North Carolina Cavalry- Lt. Col. William Payne (c), Capt. William A. Graham (w), Lt. Joseph Baker
9th Virginia Cavalry- Col. Richard L. T. Beale
10th Virginia Cavalry- Col. J. Lucius Davis
13th Virginia Cavalry- Capt. Benjamin F. Winfield

Stuart Horse Artillery- Maj. Robert F. Beckham
Breathed's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. James Breathed
Chew's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. R. Preston Chew
Griffin's (Maryland) Battery- Capt. William H. Griffin
Hart's (South Carolina) Battery- Capt. James F. Hart
McGregor's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. William M. McGregor
Moorman's (Virginia) Battery- Capt. Marcellus M. Moorman

Imboden's Cavalry Command- Brig. Gen. John D. Imboden
18th Virginia Cavalry- Col. George W. Imboden)
62nd Virginia Infantry, Mounted- Col. George H. Smith
Virginia Partisan Rangers- Capt. John H. McNeill
Virginia (Staunton) Battery- Capt. John H. McClanahan


Gen. Robert E. Lee
Escort: 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (2 cos)

Chief of Staff, Inspector General: Col. Robert H. Chilton
Chief of Artillery: Brig. Gen. William N. Pendleton
Medical Director: Dr. Lafayette Guild
Chief of Ordnance: Lt. Col. Briscoe G. Baldwin
Chief of Commissary: Lt. Col. Robert G. Cole
Chief Quartermaster: Lt. Col. James L. Corley
Judge Advocate General: Maj. Henry E. Young
Military Secretary, Acting Asst. Chief of Artillery: Col. Armistead L. Long
Aide de Camp, Asst. Adjutant General: Lt. Col. Walter H. Taylor
Aide de Camp, Asst. Military Secretary: Maj. Charles Marshall
Aide de camp, Asst. Inspector General: Maj. Charles S. Venable
Engineer Officer: Capt. Samuel R. Johnston

Did You Know?

Eternal Light Peace Memorial

The Eternal Light Peace Memorial at Gettysburg National Military Park, the result of a cooperative effort between veterans of the North and South, was dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on July 3, 1938 during the 75th Anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.