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  • Parking Lot Closure at Museum & Visitor Center

    Parking Lot 2 at the NPS Visitor Center will be closed for major repairs from Aug. 18 through Sept. 14. Gettysburg Tour buses, ACTA, and shuttle to Eisenhower NHS will run from a station on the east side of the building. More »

Curriculum Materials

A student program at Gettysburg
(National Park Service)


Lesson preparation booklets for our ranger-guided field programs are easily adaptable for the classroom, even if you are unable to visit Gettysburg. Explore these Cirriculum Materials for lessons on Gettysburg subjects and for further details on these ranger programs, visit our While at the Park page.


Four themed programs designed to provide students with a focused story about the soldiers who served during the Civil War, the harsh reality of medical treatment at this time, the civilian experience at Gettysburg, and the importance of the Soldiers' National Cemetery and Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Download the Care of the Wounded Program Guide (pdf, 20.8mb)*

Download the Impact of War Program Guide (pdf, 8.85mb)*

Download the Civil War Soldier Program Guide (pdf, 5.75mb)*

Download The Unfinished Work Program Guide (pdf, 21.9mb)*


Download the Pickett's Charge Program Guide (pdf, 18.37mb)*

Download the Battlefield Footsteps Program Guide (pdf, 4.04mb)*


Download the Gettysburg NMP Teacher's Guide for Traveling Trunks (pdf, 1.60mb)

War for Freedom
On the road to freedom.
(Harper's Weekly)

The War For Freedom: A Curriculum

Gettysburg is the best-known and most visited Civil War battlefield in America and for many of our visitors has become a touchstone of the symbolic struggle that decided the future of our nation as one "dedicated to the propostion that all men are created equal." Gettysburg's African Americans, who most likely understood the roots of the conflict better than the town's white residents, were suddenly thrust into the center of a battle that threatened not only their property, but their freedom as well. MORE

Did You Know?

Barlow-Gordon Incident

During the Battle of Gettysburg, Confederate General John B. Gordon stopped long enough to give aid to a wounded Union general, Francis C. Barlow of New York.