Climate Change Awareness and Resources


Storm Damage at Jacob Riis Park

Gateway National Recreation Area is seeking feedback on some new climate change awareness material for the public.

Through a generous grant from Unilever, and with the help of the Sandy Hook Foundation, Lindsay Modungo and Andrea Spahn of Rutgers University have developed four posters about the effects of sea level rise at the Gateway National Recreation Area. These posters show how sea level rise will affect different areas of the park as well as describe what Gateway is doing to be more environmentally-friendly.

Climate change is a controversial and complicated issue; we are seeking feedback from the public to ensure that our message is clear and effective. We invite you to take some time to review these posters and e-mail us with feedback.

Feel free to print out and distribute these posters. The goal is to raise awareness of the seriousness of climate change and its potential impact upon the places where millions go to play and enjoy nature each year. Thank you!


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