Jamaica Bay Places

Jamaica Bay Places

Gateway's Jamaica Bay Unit has several sites that help tell the aviation, military, and social history of New York City in the 20th Century.





Jacob Riis Park, circa 1940.

Jacob Riis Park

Jacob Riis Park was established in 1912, and re-named for the noted reformer and photojournalist in 1914. From 1917 to 1928 the site was used by the United States Navy as Naval Air Station-Rockaway. Departing from NAS-Rockaway, on May 8, 1919, a Navy-Curtiss flying boat, the NC-4, became the first airplane to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. After the Navy left in 1928, Jacob Riis Park was developed for seaside recreation. The historic Bath House was opened in 1932, and remodeled during a major expansion of the park in 1937 under New York City Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. Jacob Riis Park was included in Gateway National Recreation Area in 1974.

Jacob Riis Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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