Camping at Ecology Village

Fall 2015 Camping Course: September 25, 26, and 27

Located at Gateway National Recreation Area's Floyd Bennett Field, Ecology Village offers students in grades 4-8 the only curriculum-based overnight camping program in the New York City area. During the camping trip, students explore nature, prepare meals outdoors, practice teamwork and participate in hands-on environmental stewardship. This inquiry-based program was recently revised to reflect NYC DOE learning standards and Scope and Sequence in science.

If you are teacher new to camping at Ecology Village and would like your class to camp with us during the spring of 2016 please attend our free teacher camping course on September 25 ,26, and 27 (must attend all three days) at Floyd Bennett Field.

This 30 hour free training course is required before bringing classes to camp at Ecology Village. Taught by National Park Service rangers, the course provides the programmatic and logistical information needed to ensure that students have enriching, educational, and safe camping experiences that meet learning objectives. You will cover Pre-trip, site visit and follow-up activities in ecology, environmental science, and resource stewardship,camping skills, logistics, safety, and team-building techniques.

Educators completing the course will have priority to schedule a date for a spring 2016 camping trip.

Topics include:
Pre-trip, site visit, and follow-up activities in ecology, environmental science, and resource stewardship, camping skills, logistics, safety, and team building techniques.

To register call 718-338-3338 ext.274 or e-mail us

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