Things To Know Before You Come

kayaker navigating whitewater

Please be aware of the following regulations:

Hunting and fishing are allowed throughout Gauley River National Recreation Area on federally-owned lands in accordance with regulations established by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources or in accordance with posted National Park Service safety zone signs. Please note, with the exception of legal hunting and fishing, all resources are protected including most plants and animals.

For visitor safety, fishing is prohibited within 100 feet of boat launch/take-out areas while watercraft are using the launch/take-out area.

Camping is allowed throughout the park on federally-owned lands unless otherwise posted. The National Park Service does not own most of the land within the boundaries of the Gauley River National Recreation Area. Be aware of private property and respect the rights of land owners. Unless developed sites are offered, camp sites must be at least 100 feet away from any river access area, developed trail head area, top edge or bottom of any cliff, park structure or historic ruin. The maximum stay is 14 days at the same camping area. There is no camping fee.

Open Fires
Open fires are allowed where campfire receptacles are provided and must be contained in these designated containers. Campfires are prohibited within 100 feet of any river access area, developed trail head area, top edge or bottom of any cliff, park structure or historic ruin. Use only dead and down wood. Be sure your fire is out and cold before leaving. Do not burn tires or drive nails into trees. The use of chain saws is prohibited.

The following activities are not permitted:

  • The use of firearms is prohibited when not legally hunting.
  • Public intoxication or disorderly conduct is not permitted. Driving while drinking and open alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles are prohibited. The use of, sale to or gift of alcohol to anyone under 21 is not permitted.
  • Vehicles that obstruct traffic or fail to comply with traffic control signs will be towed at the owners expense.
  • Tampering, damaging or defacing government property is prohibited and will be strictly enforced. Respect the rights of private property owners.
  • Littering is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.
  • Pets must be restrained at all times, leashes are not to exceed 6 feet.
  • Bicycles, horses and pack animals are prohibited on all park trails unless the trail is signed as open to their use.
  • Park roads are open to motorized vehicles which are in
    compliance with state laws. All park roads are closed to
    all vehicles that are designed for off-road use, such as an ATV. Although off-road driving is not permitted at New River Gorge National River, you may check the National Park Service Off-Road Driving page for information about off-road driving in other parks, or download the Off-Road Driving brochure.
  • The possession or use of fireworks is prohibited.
  • Quiet hours are between 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.

Did You Know?