• rafters paddling through whitewater

    Gauley River

    National Recreation Area West Virginia


Gauley River and gorge

Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley, and New

A new 90-minute documentary from West Virginia Public Broadcasting explores the economic, environmental, cultural, historical and geographic impact of the largest federally protected system of rivers east of the Mississippi. Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley and New examines the ongoing relationship between mankind and nature in this region.

Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley, and New (1:26:56)




Did You Know?

Reinactment at Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park

The battle of Carnifex Ferry, fought on Tuesday, September 10, 1861, in the opening days of the Civil War, is said to have had a profound influence upon subsequent political and military history in West(ern) Virginia.