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Tinayguk River

Ranger preparing inflatable boat for days float on the Tinyaguk River

NPS Photograph

The Tinayguk is the largest tributary of the North Fork of the Koyukuk. Both lie entirely within the pristine environment of Gates of the Arctic National Park.


Approximate Length

44 mi / 71 km

Scenic Quality

Broad, glacial valley bordered by the rugged peaks of the Endicott Mountains

Recreational Opportunities

High potential for hiking and backpacking; access is more difficult than North Fork of Koyukuk

Geologic Features

South flank of the arctic Continental Divide; glacial valleys bordered by Endicott Mountains

Natural Resources

Variety of wildlife

Cultural Resources

Significant cultural resources were not identified on the Tinayguk River at the time of its designation as a Wild & Scenic River.

Location map of the Tinayguk River.
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Did You Know?

A land status map showing the federal units that protect the Brooks Range.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve is the central component of the 700 square mile protected Brooks Range. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is to the east, and the Noatak Preserve is to the west.