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    Gates Of The Arctic

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Human Waste

Nothing ruins a camping experience like stumbling across someone's "bathroom." In the wilderness it can be especially jarring. Likewise, human feces carry harmful micro-organisms that easily contaminate water sources. When you are in the park

  • Go at least 200 feet from all potential water sources.
  • Choose a site in organic soil to promote decomposition.
  • Dig a small hole 6 to 8 inches deep.
  • After use, bury completely and replace the tundra.
  • All paper products, including feminine hygiene products, should be packed out or burned. If you burn your toilet paper, be careful not to ignite any wildfires.
  • Alternatively, leaves and snow make for natural toilet paper.
Series depicting a proper cathole.
A cat-hole before and after.
NPS Photo

Did You Know?

5000 year old stone tent ring in Gates of the Arctic National Park

Reminders of an older time, remains of ancient caribou skin tents can still be seen in Gates of the Arctic National Park. More...