Discover a Premier Wilderness

This vast landscape does not contain any roads or trails. Visitors discover intact ecosystems where people have lived with the land for thousands of years. Wild rivers meander through glacier-carved valleys, caribou migrate along age-old trails, endless summer light fades into aurora-lit night skies of winter. It remains virtually unchanged except by the forces of nature.


Hikers in the Oolah Valley

Explore Gates of the Arctic

Begin your adventure and exploration of the park & preserve here.

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A lake in the boreal forest & mountains

Ambler Access Right-of-Way

ANILCA allows for a transportation corridor across the preserve to provide access for future development of mineral resources in the Ambler area.

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Drawing of prehistoric hunters stalking caribou in an alpine valley.

Northern Archaic: Masterful Hunters

Ancestors of modern Athabascans, Northern Archaic peoples adapted to the spread of northern boreal forests by using new hunting tools and techniques.

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Monolith Inuksuk

History and Culture

People have lived in the Brooks Range for more than 13,000 years. The History and Culture section of the website can tell you more.

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A drawing of a prehistoric hunter hunting from the sea ice edge.

The Denbigh Flint Complex: Prehistoric Pioneers

Distant ancestors of modern Inupiat and Inuit, Denbigh people pioneered new new lands and innovated new technologies.

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A musher and dog team travel across a wide open snowy tundra landscape towards distant mountains in winter

Of Dogs & Wilderness

In the 50th year of the Wilderness Act, three dog teams mush into a remote area of the park to remove 60 yr old oil barrels from this wild landscape.

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