Battle of Spotsylvania

The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House is a continuation of the Battle of the Wilderness. General Grant's decision to move forward to Spotsylvania changed the course of the war. For the first time in the Eastern Theatre, the Army of the Potomac went forward after a battle and maintained control of the initiative for the rest of the war. If viewed as one campaign, the Wilderness/Spotsylvania Campaign is the bloodiest in American history.

Directions: We encourage visitors to Spotsylvania Battlefield to start at a park visitor center at Fredericksburg or Chancellorsville to obtain directions, maps, etc. There is no visitor center at Spotsylvania. The entrance to Spotsylvania Battlefield is on Route 613 (Brock Road) about two miles northwest of the town of Spotsylvania Court House. Since the fighting at Spotsylvania is a continuation of the Battle of the Wilderness, most people approach Spotsylvania from the last tour stop on the Wilderness Battlefield. From the intersection of the Orange Plank Road with the Brock Road, turn right (southeast) on the Brock Road (Route 613) and proceed about seven miles. Turn left into the battlefield as indicated by the sign. You will quickly come to an open air shelter of exhibits. The address of the exhibit shelter is 9550 West Grant Drive, Spotsylvania, Va. 22553.

Summary of Campaign: To learn more about the Wilderness/Spotsylvania Campaign click here.

Maps of the battlefield: The bookstores at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville sell a superb set of 24 detailed troop movement maps of the battlefield. The maps can be ordered by mail by calling (540) 372-3034. There are several battle maps online. Click here for a May 10, 1864 map and here for a May 12 map.

Driving Tour: A five mile driving tour links several key spots on the battlefield.

Virtual Tour of Spotsylvania Battlefield: Click here for a virtual tour including photos and a descriptive tour of the battlefield.

Photos of Spotsylvania Battlefield: Click here.

Photos of Spotsylvania Monuments: Click here.

Todd's Tavern: On May 7, 1864, the Confederate cavalry delayed the Union advance to Spotsylvania just barely enough for the Confederate infantry to win the race to the vital crossroads at Spotsylvania. Click here to read a brochure about this cavalry action and tour the battlefield.

Bloody Angle

Bloody Angle

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