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Directions to Spotsylvania Battlefield

The entrance to Spotsylvania Battlefield is on Route 613, Brock Road, approximately two miles northwest of the community of Spotsylvania. Since the Battle of Spotsylvania is a continuation of the Wilderness battle, most visitors approach Spotsylvania battlefield from the Wilderness battlefield. To do so, from the last tour stop at Wilderness turn right on the Brock Road (Highway 613) and proceed seven miles. Turn left into Spotsylvania Battlefield. Click here to view a park map which can be enlarged to show more detail.

Before visiting the Spotsylvania Battlefield, it is strongly recommended that you first go to the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center or Chancellorsville Visitor Center. There you can obtain information on the battle, directions to the battlefields, brochures and maps.

Spotsylvania Battlefield is the best preserved of the Fredericksburg area battlefields, but does not have a visitor center or rest rooms. There is an open air shelter of exhibits and porta-poties. There is also a five miles driving tour and seven miles of loop walking trails.

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Bloody Angle

Did You Know?

Lee Hill Exhibit Shelter

An exhibit shelter on Lee Hill contains information and photos about both battles of Fredericksburg.