• Sunken Road, Stone Wall and Innis House

    Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

    National Military Park Virginia

Directions to Stonewall Jackson Shrine

The street address for the Stonewall Jackson Shrine is:

12019 Stonewall Jackson Road, Woodford, Va. 22580.

This is not a mailing address. Incoming park mail should be addressed to park headquarters at:

Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania NMP, 120 Chatham Lane, Fredericksburg, Va. 22405.

To reach the Stonewall Jackson Shrine, take exit 118 from I-95. Drive east on Highway 606 for approximately five miles. Turn left immediately after crossing the railroad tracks and drive to the parking lot. Click here to see the park map. You can enlarge the map to see more detail.

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Jackson Shrine
Stonewall Jackson Shrine

Did You Know?

Chatham Manor

Three presidents have been inside Chatham Manor. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson visited the Fitzhughs, their good friends. Abraham Lincoln attended a meeting in Chatham. A fourth president, William Henry Harrison, visited the grounds of Chatham when he was the president elect.