• Fredericksburg Battlefield: Sunken Road, Stone Wall and Innis House sunrise

    Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

    National Military Park Virginia

Bicycling Information

Bicycling is allowed on park roads, but not on park hiking trails. Keep in mind that some of the roads through the park are state and county roads, not park roads. Several of the state and county highways are narrow with no road shoulder and others are heavily traveled which is not conducive to safe, enjoyable biking. Park roads are generally wider and much less traveled. The best and most popular places to bicycle are the five-mile stretch along Lee Drive on the Fredericksburg Battlefield and the five-mile route through Spotsylvania Battlefield. Hill-Ewell Drive on the Wilderness Battlefield is more hilly and rarely used for bicycling. The Chancellorsville Battlefield has only short stretches of park roads that connect with state and county roads for the driving tour route. Bicyclists rarely use Chancellorsville.

Did You Know?