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Virtual Tour Stop, Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery

Entrance to Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery
After the war, the Fredericksburg National Cemetery was created for Union soldiers who died in the Fredericksburg area, see the virtual tour of this cemetery in the Fredericksburg Battlefield section. In 1867, a search was made for Confederate dead and the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery was created.
Monument in Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery
The citizens of Spotsylvania dedicated this monument in the cemetery on May 30, 1918 to honor the Confederate dead.
Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery graves
The cemetery contains 741 marked graves, 534 of which are known.
Memorial headstones in Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery
Strangely the Confederate Cemetery contains three headstones for Union soldiers. None of the three are buried here and none died in the area. None of the headstones indicate that they are simply memorial stones, not graves.
Bloody Angle

15th New Jersey Regiment and 49th New York Regiment monuments at Bloody Angle.

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Did You Know?

7th Michigan Monument at Fredericksburg

In 2003, a monument to the 7th Michigan Infantry was placed where that unit crossed the Rappahannock River into the streets of Fredericksburg. It was the first Union regiment to cross the river during the Battle of Fredericksburg.The monument is on Sophia Street at the foot of Hawke Street.