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Virtual Tour Stop, Slocum's Line

Slocum's Line

General Henry Slocum's Twelfth Corps held this line of earthworks from May 1 through mid-morning on May 3. On the morning of May 3, General Richard Anderson's Confederate division attacked Slocum's men from the front while artillery rounds from Hazel Grove crashed into their flank. The Twelfth Corps was forced to retreat to Fairview.

This is a brand new tour stop on the battlefield. As on late October, the interpretive signs have not yet arrived.

Tour Stop Sign for Hazel Grove

Hazel Grove is tour stop #9 on the driving tour of the battlefield.

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Did You Know?

Site of Chancellorsville

While laying out the Chancellorsville History Trail, the park staff in places had to literally hack their way through a jungle of underbrush that resembled the Wilderness that the soldiers struggled through during the Battle of Chancellorsville.