• Fredericksburg Battlefield: Sunken Road, Stone Wall and Innis House sunrise

    Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

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    The Chatham exit road will be closed to all traffic (pedestrians and vehicles) at all hours from September 2-19, 2014 as part of the project to restore the historic vista at Chatham Manor. More »

Virtual Tour Stop, McLaws's Line

McLaws's Trail

McLaws's Trail

Lafayette McLaws's division held this line on May 1-3. The strong skirmish line on May 2 held the attention of Joe Hooker allowing "Stonewall" Jackson to march around Hooker's army and attack his flank. A two-mile trail goes across what is now a field (young trees in 1863) to the Confederate skirmish line on the high ground shown in the background of the photo just before the woodline.

Map of McLaws's Trail
Map of McLaws's Trail
Tour stop for Lee-Jackson Bivouac

Lee-Jackson Bivouac tour stop

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Did You Know?

Confederate artillerists on Marye's Heights at Fredericksburg

The Confederate battleline at Fredericksburg stretched for seven miles on a series of hills and ridges west of the town. A five mile drive links the two sectors where fighting occurred. It follows the remains of Confederate earthworks which can be seen from your car.