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Virtual Tour, Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor was built by William Fitzhugh during the years 1768-1771. During the Civil War it played a vital role as a Union headquarters, hospital and soup kitchen. The ridge was lined by artillery during the Fredericksburg Campaign. Read more about Chatham's history by clicking here.
Chatham Exhibits

Chatham Exhibits

Today Chatham Manor is the headquarters of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. About half of the main building and most of the out buildings are office space. The main building has five rooms of exhibits. Park volunteers give tours of the buildings. A 12 minute film is shown on the history of Chatham and a 32 minute film explains the Fredericksburg civilian experience during the Civil War.
Chatham gardens
The backyard contains a garden and statues
Front lawn of Chatham Manor
Front side of Chatham Manor
Artillery over looking city of Fredericksburg
Cannon on the front lawn overlook the Rappahannock River and city of Fredericksburg
Azaleas at Chatham Manor

Azaleas at Chatham Manor

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Tour stop 3, Lee's Hill

Lee's Hill parking area. This tour stop #3 on driving tour of battlefield

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