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Virtual Tour Stop, Bullock House Site

Tour Stop 2
Union troops advancing toward Chancellorsville on April 30 encountered a Confederate brigade at the Bullock House. Three days later, the Union army fell back to this vicinity and entrenched. The apex of Hooker's last line is visible in the woods across the road intersection to the upper left of the photo.
Sketch of Bullock House
Completed in 1850, the modest two story wood house stood at the intersection of Ely's Ford Road and Bullock Road. Private David Kyle lived in the Bullock House. On the night of Jackson's wounding, David Kyle was his scout and it was Kyle whose writings made it possible to identify the spot where Jackson was wounded.
Site of Bullock House
Four posts mark the site of the Bullock House.
Looking Apex of Hooker's Last Line
The Bullock House stood just to the left of this photo. The apex of Hooker's line rested at the edge of the current wood line, just to the left of the car. Earthworks and artillery pits still remain and can be seen from the Chancellorsville History Trail.
Apex of Hooker's Last Line
About mid-morning on May 3, Joseph Hooker pulled his men back from Chancellorsville to a last line. Both flanks were securely anchored on the river and the apex was located here at the intersection of Ely's Ford Road and Bullock Road.

Did You Know?

Photo of dead in Sunken Road during Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg

The famous photo of the Sunken Road at Fredericksburg was taken on May 3, 1863 during the 2nd Battle of Fredericksburg. The dead are members of Barksdale's Mississippi Brigade.