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Rappahannock River at the City Dock

View of the site of the Middle Pontoon Bridge from the Fredericksburg City Dock

In the middle of the afternoon on December 11, 1862, the 89th New York paddled pontoon boats across the Rappahannock River under fire to establish a bridgehead at this location. The Union troops then moved out to secure the bridgehead as fighting erupted in the streets of Fredericksburg. With the Confederate riflemen away from the river bank, Union engineers constructed a pontoon bridge.
Irish Brigade Monument

Irish Brigade Monument

A middle pontoon bridge was built from the ground where George Washington grew up at what is now called Ferry Farm to the city dock at the southern end of Sophia Street. Among the units crossing this bridge into Fredericksburg was the Irish Brigade. There is now a monument to the Irish Brigade at the city dock.
Interpretive Sign at City Dock

Interpretive Sign at City Dock

Interpretive signs provide graphics and text to explain the river crossing, bridge building and fighting in the streets in this vicinity.
Interpretive Sign at City Dock

Interpretive Sign at City Dock

Another interpretive sign covers the Union artillery position opposite the City Dock on what is now called Ferry Farm.
Interpretive Sign at City Dock
A third interpretive sign covers the building of the pontton bridges.
Railroad Bridge over the Rappahannock River
One of the most scenic sights in the Fredericksburg area is the view from City Dock of the modern railroad bridge over the Rappahannock River.
Cluster of interpretive signs

A cluster of three interpretive signs explains the advance of Marye's Heights, damage to the city, and the canal ditch.

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