Virtual Tour Stop, Lee's Hill

View from Lee's Hill

From this hill, called Telegraph Hill in 1862, General Robert E. Lee and other members of the Confederate high command watched the Battle of Fredericksburg. The slaughter Lee witnessed stirred him to remark, "It is well this is so terrible! We would grow too fond of it."

Cannon on Lee Hill

Cannon on Lee Hill

Beside's being Lee's command post, there was artillery on this hill. Lee was nearly killed when a large 30 pounder Parrott exploded and on another occasion when an incoming explosive shell landed nearby, but failed to explode. Read more about Lee's activities on this hill.
Trail to Lee Hill

Trail to Lee Hill

A short, but steep trail switchbacks up the hill to Lee's Command Post during the Battle of Fredericksburg.
Exhibit shelter on Lee Hill

Exhibit shelter on Lee Hill

On top of the hill are Civil War cannon and a shelter of exhibits that explains Lee's Command Post during the Battle of Fredericksburg, the placement of Confederate artillery to obtain a converging fire upon the Union infantry attackers, and the 2nd Battle of Fredericksburg which was fought in part on this hill and is part of the Chancellorsville Campaign
Lee's Command Post Exhibits

Exhibits about General Lee's command post being located on this hill.

Artillery Exhibit

Artillery Exhibit at Lee Hill

Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg Exhibit

Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg Exhibit at Lee Hill

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