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Virtual Tour Stop, Howison Hill

Artillery on Howison Hill

Artillery on Howison Hill. The cannon on the left is a large 30 pounder Parrott.

Like Lee's Hill, Howison Hill was crowned with Confederate artillery that blasted the Union attackers in front of Marye's Heights. A large 30 pounder Parrot was among the guns at this location. This type of gun is classified as siege artillery and not usually found on a battlefield. Besides one here, the Confederates had one on Lee's Hill.
Earthworks along Lee Drive
As you proceed south along Lee Drive, the route parallels earthworks dug by Confederate soldiers, mostly after the battle was over. It was this strong trench line that convinced General Hooker to bypass this position in what became the Chancellorsville Campaign.
Interpretive sign and map
You will also pass interpretive signs and battle maps.
Bernard's Cabins Trail Sign

Bernard's Cabin Trail Map

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