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Virtual Tour Stop, Harrison House Site

Harrison House
Behind the Confederate lines of the Muleshoe stood the Harrison and McCoull farms. The Harrison House shown in this photo was the home of Edgar Harrison. After the Union success in the upper part of the Muleshoe Salient on the morning of May 12, General John Gordon formed his division in this field and began the Confederate counterattack on the upper and east face of the Muleshoe.
Interpretive Signs for Harrison House Site
Interpretive signs explain the history of the Harrison family and the fighting that occurred here. This modern view is taken from very near where the historic photo shown above was taken. The site of the Harrison House is in trees in the center foreground of this photo.
Site of Harrison House
After the war, the Harrison House fell into disrepair and eventually burned. Portions of the house foundation are all that remain.
McCoull House Site, tour stop sign

Site of McCoull House, Tour Stop #5 on driving tour of the battlefield.

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