Plan A Field Trip

Before taking any field trip you should become familiar with the layout of the park and decide what you want the students to see. This may be accomplished with the help of the park staff. The park's education specialist, Peter Maugle, may be reached by email here. See our webpage for tour options. To download a fillable reservation form, click here. Completed forms may be submitted to Peter at the email above, or by fax to him at (540) 654-5521. You will receive confirmation of your reservation within seven days.

You need to finalize plans with the park staff giving such information as to the day and approximate time of the field trip and the grade and number of students to be expected. For large groups it will be necessary to arrange a staggered schedule so that no more than one bus arrives at a site at a time. This will prevent overcrowding and allow the students a more relaxed environment in which to enjoy their visit.

Students will learn and enjoy their visit more if preparatory activities are done first. Review with them the schedule for the day. Go over the rules and regulations with your students and chaperones. Discuss your expectations for their conduct on this trip. To assist teachers, see our webpage of lesson plans for visiting the park.


Should it be necessary to cancel your visit, please contact the park as soon as possible. Our staff is scheduled based upon the needs expected on the days that groups will visit.


Picnicking facilities are extremely limited and there are no shelters in the park. Lunch plans might include a stop at local fast food businesses or a nearby community park.

Did You Know?