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Order of Battle Chancellorsville Second Army Corps

Second Corps Army of Northern Virginia:
(1.) Lieutenant General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson (mw)

(2.) Major General Ambrose Powell Hill (w)
(3.) Brigadier General Robert Rodes
(4.) Major General J.E.B. Stuart

A.P. Hill’s Light Division:
(1) Major General Ambrose Powell Hill
(2) Brigadier General Henry Heth (w)
(3) Brigadier General William Dorsey Pender (w)
(4) Brigadier General James Archer

Heth's Brigade:
1) Brigadier General Henry Heth
2) Colonel John Brockenbrough

40th Virginia:
Col. J. M. Brockenbrough
Lieut. Col. Fleet Cox (w)
Capt. T. E. Betts.
47th Virginia: Col. Robert M. Mayo
55th Virginia:
Col. Francis Mallory (k)
Lieut. Col. William S. Christian (w)
Maj. Andrew D. Saunders (k)
Lieut. R. L. Williams
Maj. Evan Rice
22d Virginia Battalion (2nd Battalion): Lieut. Col. Edward P. Tayloe

Thomas' Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Thomas

14th Georgia, Col. R. W. Folsom.
35th Georgia, Capt. John Duke.
45th Georgia, Lieut. Col. W. L. Grice.
49th Georgia, Maj. S. T. Player.

Lane's Brigade:
Brigadier General James Lane

7th North Carolina (State Troops):
Col. Edward. G. Haywood (w)
Lieut. Col. Junius Hill (k)
Maj. William L Davidson (w)
Capt. N. A. Pool
18th North Carolina:
Col. Thomas J. Purdie (k)
Lieut. Col. Forney George (w)
Maj. John D. Barry
28th North Carolina:
Col. S. D. Lowe
Capt. Edward F. Lovill
33d North Carolina:
Col. Clark M. Avery (w)
Capt. Joseph H. Saunders
37th North Carolina: Col. William M. Barbour (w)

McGowan's Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Samuel McGowan (w)
(2.) Colonel O. E. Edwards (mw)
(3.) Colonel A. Perrin
(4.) Colonel D.H. Hamilton

1st South Carolina (Provisional Army):
Col. D. H. Hamilton.
Capt. W. P. Shooter.
1st South Carolina Rifles (Orr’s Rifles):
Col. James M. Perrin (mw)
Lieut. Col. F. E. Harrison
12th South Carolina
13th South Carolina:
Col. O. E. Edwards
Lieut. Col. B. T. Brockman
14th South Carolina: Col. Abner Perrin

Archer's (Fifth) Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General James Archer

(2.) Colonel Birkett Fry

13th Alabama, Col. B. D. Fry.
5th Alabama Battalion:
Capt. S. D. Stewart (k)
Capt. A. N. Porter.
1st Tennessee (Provisional Army), Lieut. Col. Newton J. George
7th Tennessee, Lieut. Col. John A. Fite (w)
14th Tennessee:
Col. William McComb (w)
Capt. R. C. Wilson

Pender's Brigade:
Brigadier General William Dorsey Pender

13th North Carolina:
Col. A.M. Scales (w)
Lieut. Col. J. H. Hyman
16th North Carolina:
Col. John S. McElroy (w)
Lieut. Col. William A. Stowe (w)
22nd North Carolina:
Lieut. Col. Christopher C. Cole (k)
Maj. Laben Odell (k)
Capt. George Graves

34th North Carolina: Col. William L. J. Lowrance
38th North Carolina:
Col. William J. Hoke

Walker’s Battalion Artillery:
Colonel Reuben L. Walker
Major William Pegram

Brunson's Pee Dee (South Carolina) Battery: Capt. Ervin Brunson
Crenshaw's Virginia Battery: Lieut. John Chamberlayne
Davidson's Letcher (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Greenlee Davidson (mw)
Lieut. Thomas Brander

McGraw's Purcell (Virginia) Battery: Lieut. Joseph McGraw
Marye's Fredericksburg (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Edward Marye

Daniel Harvey Hill’s Division:
(1.) Brigadier General Robert E. Rodes
(2.) Brigadier General Stephen D. Ramseur

Rodes' Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Robert E. Rodes
(2.) Colonel Edward A. O'Neal (w)
(3.) Colonel Josephus M. Hall

3d Alabama: Capt. M. F. Bonham
5th Alabama:
Col. Josephus M. Hall
Lieut. Col. E. Lafayette Hobson (w)
Capt. W. T. Renfro (mw)
Capt. T. M. Riley
6th Alabama (Rifle Regiment): Col. James N. Lightfoot
12th Alabama: Col. Samuel B. Pickens
26th Alabama:
Col. E. A. O'Neal
Lieut. Col. John S. Garvin (w)
Lieut. Miles J. Taylor

Colquitt's Brigade:
Brigadier General Alfred Colquitt

6th Georgia: Col. John T. Lofton
19th Georgia: Col. Andrew J. Hutchins
23rd Georgia: Col. Emory F. Best
27th Georgia: Col. Charles T. Zachry
28th Georgia: Col. Tully Graybill

Ramseur's Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Stephen Ramseur (w)
(2.) Colonel Francis Parker

2d North Carolina(State Troops): Col. William R. Cox (w)
4th North Carolina (State Troops): Col. Bryan Grimes
14th North Carolina: Col. R. Tyler Bennett
30th North Carolina: Col. Francis M. Parker

Doles’s Brigade:
Brigadier General George Doles

4th Georgia:
Col. Philip Cook (w)
Lieut. Col. D. R. E. Winn
12th Georgia: Col. Edward Willis
21st Georgia: Col. John T. Mercer
44th Georgia: Col. John B. Estes

Iverson's Brigade:
Brigadier General Alfred Iverson

5th North Carolina (State Troops):
Col. Thomas M. Garrett (w)
Lieut. Col. John W. Lea (w)
Maj. William J. Hill (w)
Capt. S. B. West
12th North Carolina:
Maj. D. P. Rowe (mw)
Lieut. Col. R. D. Johnston, of the 23d North Carolina
20th North Carolina:
Col. T. F. Toon
Lieut. Col. N. Slough
23d North Carolina, Col. D. H. Christie

Carter’s Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Carter

Reese's, Jeff Davis Alabama Battery: Capt. William Reese
Carter's King William (Virginia) Battery: Capt. William Carter
Fry's Orange (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Charles Fry
Page's Morris Louisa Virginia Battery: Capt. R.C.M. Page

Early’s Division:
Major General Jubal (Old Jube) Early

Gordon's Brigade:
Brigadier General John Gordon

13th Georgia (Barlow Light Infantry): Col. James Smith
26th Georgia: Col. Edmund Atkinson
31st Georgia: Col. Clement Evans
38th Georgia: Col. James Mathews
60th Georgia: Col. William Stiles
61st Georgia: Col. John Lamar

Hoke's Brigade.
(1.) Brigadier General Robert Hoke (w)
(2.) Col. Issac Avery

6th North Carolina (State Troops): Col. Issac Avery
Maj. Samuel Tate

21st North Carolina: Lieut. Col. William Rankin
Colonel William Kirkland

54th North Carolina: Col. James McDowell (mw)
Lieut. Col. Kenneth Murchison
57th North Carolina: Col. Archibald Goodwin (w)

1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters: Maj. R.W. Wharton

Smith's Brigade.
Brigadier General William (Extra Billy) Smith

13th Virginia: Lieut. Col. James Terrill
49th Virginia: Lieut. Col. Jonathan Gibson
52d Virginia: Col. Michael Harman
58th Virginia: Col. Francis Board

Hays' Brigade:
Brigadier General Harry Hays

5th Louisiana: Col. Henry Forno
6th Louisiana: Col. William Monaghan
7th Louisiana (Pelican Regiment): Col. Davidson Penn (c)
8th Louisiana: Col. Trevanion Lewis (c)
9th Louisiana: Col. Leroy Stafford (c)

Andrew’s Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel R. Snowden Andrews

Brown's Fourth Maryland Chesapeake Battery: Capt. W.D. Brown
Carpenter's Alleghany (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Joseph Carpenter
Dement's First Maryland Battery: Capt. William Dement
Raine's Lee (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Charles Raine

Trimble’s Division:
Brigadier General Raleigh Colston

Paxton's Brigade (Stonewall Brigade):
(1.) Brigadier General Elisha (Bull) Paxton
(2.) Colonel John Funk

2d Virginia: Col. J. Q. A. Nadenbousch (w)
Lieut. Col. Raleigh T. Colston

4th Virginia: Maj. William Terry
5th Virginia:
Col. J. H. S. Funk.
Lieut. Col. Hazael. J. Williams.
27th Virginia:
Col. James Edmondson (w)
Lieut. Col. Daniel Shriver
33d Virginia: Col. Abraham Spengler

Jones' Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General John R. Jones
(2.) Colonel Thomas S. Garnett (mw)
(3.) Colonel A. S. Vandeventer

21st Virginia: Capt. John B. Moseley
42nd Virginia: Lieut. Col. R. W. Withers
44th Virginia:
Maj. Norvell Cobb (w)
Capt. Thomas R. Bucker
48th Virginia:
Col. Thomas S. Garnett
Maj. Oscar White
50th Virginia:
Col. A. S. Vandeventer
Maj. Lynville Perkins
Capt. Frank W. Kelly

Colston's (Third) Brigade:
(1) Colonel Edward T. H. Warren (w)
(2) Colonel Titus V. Williams (w)
(3) Lieutenant Colonel S. T. Walker
(4) Lieutenant Colonel S. D. Thruston
(5) Lieutenant Colonel H. A. Brown

1st North Carolina (State Troops): Col. John A. McDowell (w)
Capt. Jarrette Harrell (w)
Capt. Louis Latham

3d North Carolina (State Troops): Lieut. Col. S. D. Thruston (w)
Maj. William Parsley

10th Virginia:
Col. E. T. H. Warren
Lieut. Col. Samuel Walker (k)
Maj. Joshua Stover (mw)
Capt. A. H. Smals
23d Virginia: Lieut. Col. Simeon T. Walton
37th Virginia: Col. Titus V. Williams

Nicholls' Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Francis T. Nicholls (w)
(2.) Colonel Jesse M. Williams

1st Louisiana: Capt. Edward D. Willett
2d Louisiana (Louisiana Zouaves):
Col. J. M. Williams
Lieut. Col. Ross Burke
10th Louisiana: Lieut. Col. John M. Legett (k)
14th Louisiana (1st Regiment Polish Brigade): Lieut. Col. David Zable
15th Louisiana (2nd Regiment Polish Brigade): Capt. William C. Michie

Jones Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel Hilary Jones

Carrington's Charlottesville Battery: Capt. James McD. Carrington
Garber's Stauton (Virginia) Battery: Lt. Alexander Fultz
Latimer's Courtney (Virginia) Battery: Capt. W.A. Tanner
Thompson's Louisiana Guard Battery: Capt. Charles Thompson

Second Corps Artillery Reserve:
Colonel Stapleton Andrews

Brown's Artillery Battalion:
Colonel J. Thompson Brown

Brooke's Warrenton (Virginia) Battery: Capt. James Brooke
Dance's Powhatten (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Willis Dance
Graham's 1st Rockbridge (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Archibald Graham
Hupp's Salem (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Abraham Graham
Watson’s Richmond Howitzers, 2nd Company: Capt. David Watson
Smith’s Richmond Howitzer’s 3rd Company: Capt. Benjamin Smith, Jr

McIntosh's Artillery Battalion:
Major D. G. McIntosh

Hurt's Alabama Battery: Capt. William Hurt
Johnson's Richmond Battery: Capt. Marmaduke Johnson
Lusk's 2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Battery: Capt. John Lusk
Wooding's Danville (Virginia) Battery: Capt. George Wooding

Army Reserve Artillery:
Brigadier General William Pendleton

Cutts Sumter (Georgia) Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel A. S. Cutts

Ross’s Sumter (Georgia), Battery A: Capt. Hugh Ross
Patterson’s Sumter (Georgia), Battery B: Capt. George Patterson

Nelson's Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel William Nelson

Kirkpatrick's Amherst (Virginia) Battery: Capt. T.J. Kirkpatrick
Massie's Fluvanna (Virginia) Battery: Capt. John Massie
Milledge's Georgia Battery: Capt. John Miledge, Jr.

First Army Corps.

Confederate Cavalry Division.

Orders of Battle Page.

Did You Know?

Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville

Chancellorsville is Lee's greatest victory, but also a Pyrrhic victory. After the battle Lee was very depressed. His army gained no ground, his army lost a much higher percent, his army failed to achieve their objective (destruction of the Union army) and they lost Stonewall Jackson.