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Order of Battle Chancellorsville Confederate High Command and 1st Corps

Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee

First Corps Army of Northern Virginia:

Lieutenant General James (Pete) Longstreet (Detached Duty, Suffolk Va)
First Corps Commanded by Robert E. Lee During Battle

McLaws Division:
Major General Lafayette McLaws

Wofford's Brigade:
Brigadier General William Wofford

16th Georgia (Sallie Twiggs Regiment): Col. Goode Bryan
18th Georgia (Savannah Volunteer Guards): Col. S.Z. Ruff
24th Georgia: Col. Robert McMillan
Cobb's Georgia Legion: Lieut. Col. Luther Glenn
Phillips' Georgia Legion: Lieut. Col. E.S. Barclay, Jr.

Semmes' Brigade:
Brigadier General Paul Semmes

10th Georgia: Lieut. Col. Willis C. Holt
50th Georgia: Lieut. Col. Francis Kearse
51st Georgia:
Col. W. M. Slaughter (mw)
Lieut. Col. Edward Ball (w)
53rd Georgia: Col. James Simms

Kershaw' s Brigade:
Brigadier General Joseph Kershaw

2nd South Carolina (2nd Palmetto Regiment): Col. John D. Kennedy
3rd South Carolina: Maj. Robert C. Maffett
7th South Carolina (Enfield Rifles): Col. Elbert Bland
8th South Carolina: Col. John W. Henagan
15th South Carolina: Lieut. Col. Joseph F. Gist
3rd South Carolina Battalion (Laurens Battalion): Lieut. Col. William G. Rice

Barksdale's Brigade:
Brigadier General William Barksdale

13th Mississippi: Col. J. W. Carter
17th Mississippi: Col. W. D. Holder
18th Mississippi: Col. Thomas Griffin (c)
21st Mississippi: Col. Benjamin G. Humphreys

Cabell’s Battalion:
Colonel Henry Cabell

Carlton’s Troup Artillery (Georgia) Battery: Capt. Henry Carlton
Fraser's Pulaski (Georgia) Battery: Capt. John Fraser
1st Company Richmond Howitzers McCarthy's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Edward McCarthy
Manly's North Carolina Battery: Capt. Basil Manly

Anderson’s Division:
Major General Richard Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade:
Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox

8th Alabama:
Col. Y. L. Royston (w)
Lieut. Col. H. A. Herbert
9th Alabama: Maj. J. H. J. Williams
10th Alabama: Col. William H. Forney
11th Alabama: Col. J. C. C. Sanders
14th Alabama: Col. L. Pinckard (w)

Wright's Brigade:
Brigadier General Ambrose (Rans) Wright

3rd Georgia:
Maj. John F. Jones (w)
Capt. Charles Andrews
22nd Georgia: Lieut. Col. Joseph Wasden
48th Georgia: Lieut. Col. Reuben. W. Carswell
2nd Georgia Battalion: Maj. George Ross

Mahone' s Brigade.
Brigadier General William (Little Billy) Mahone

6th Virginia: Col. George T. Rogers
12th Virginia: Lieut. Col. Edward M. Field
16th Virginia: Lieut. Col. R. O. Whitehead
41st Virginia: Col. William Allen Parham
61st Virginia: Col. Virginius D. Groner

Posey's Brigade:
Brigadier General Carnot Posey

12th Mississippi:
Lieut. Col. Merry B. Harris (w)
Maj. Samuel B. Thomas.
16th Mississippi: Col. Samuel E. Baker
19th Mississippi: Col. Nathaniel. H. Harris
48th Mississippi: Col. Joseph M. Jayne (w)

Perry's Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Perry

2nd Florida: Maj. Walton R. Moore (w)
5th Florida: Maj. Benjamin Davis (w)
8th Florida: Col. David Lang

Garnett’s Artillery Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel John Garnett
Major Robert Hardaway

Grandy's Norfolk (Virginia) Blues Battery: Capt. C.R. Grandy
Lewis' Pittsylvania (Virginia) Battery: Lt. Nathan Penick
Maurin's Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Battery: Capt. Victor Maurin
Moore's Norfolk (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Joseph Moore

First Corps Artillery Reserve:

Alexander' s Battalion:
Colonel Edward Porter Alexander

Eubank's Bath (Virginia) Battery: Lieut. Osmond Taylor
Jordan's Bedford (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Tyler Jordan
Moody's Madison (Louisiana) Battery: Capt. George Moody
Parker's Richmond Battery (Virginia) Battery: Capt. William Parker
Rhett's Brooks (South Carolina) Battery: Capt. A.B. Rhett
Woolfolk's Ashland (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.

Washington(Louisiana) Artillery Battalion:
Colonel James Walton

Squires First Company: Capt. Charles Squires (c)
Lt. C.H.C. Brown

Richardson’s Second Company: Capt. John Richardson
Miller’s Third Company: Capt. Merritt Miller
Eshleman’s Fourth Company: Capt. Benjamin Eshleman

Second Army Corps.
Confederate Cavalry Division.

Orders of Battle Page.

Did You Know?

Graffiti House on the Brandy Station battlefield

The Graffiti House is the headquarters of the Brandy Station Foundation. It contains graffiti left by Civil War soldiers.