• Fredericksburg Battlefield: Sunken Road, Stone Wall and Innis House sunrise

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  • Chatham Exit Road Closed 9/2-9/19

    The Chatham exit road will be closed to all traffic (pedestrians and vehicles) at all hours from September 2-19, 2014 as part of the project to restore the historic vista at Chatham Manor. More »

Battle of Chancellorsville History: Links

• For information on special events, lectures and tours of Chancellorsville and nearby battlefields click here.

The Battle of Chancellorsville Robert K. Krick, our former Chief Historian, has written a series of articles on the Battle of Chancellorsville that are being published in the local newspaper. As they are printed in the newspaper, they are put online. These articles are an excellent source of information on the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Battle of Chancellorsville A good website of links to information about the Battle of Chancellorsville including the Order of Battle.

"Stonewall" Jackson Shrine. Information about the site where "Stonewall" Jackson died with links to information about his death.

• Also see newspaper article explaining park Historian Frank O'Reilly's theory about Jackson's death.

Chancellorsville Battlefield contains information on visiting the battlefield, trail folders, and links to more information on the battle and its participants.

Battle Maps

Union Order of Battle Chancellorsville.

Confederate Order of Battle Chancellorsville.

Did You Know?

Photo of dead in Sunken Road during Battle of 2nd Fredericksburg

The famous photo of the Sunken Road at Fredericksburg was taken on May 3, 1863 during the 2nd Battle of Fredericksburg. The dead are members of Barksdale's Mississippi Brigade.