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Fredericksburg Walking Trails

There are walking brochures for:

* Sunken Road. This is about a 400 yard walk along the famous Sunken Road and Stone Wall begins in the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center parking area.

* Fredericksburg National Cemetery. This is a short loop through the cemetery on Marye's Heights that begins at the Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center parking area. A short trail goes through a gate in the cemetery to additional areas of Marye's Heights.

* Willis Hill. Marye's Heights consists of two hills. Marye's Hill is the smaller hill and is now owned by the University of Mary Washington who do not allow visitors on their property. Willis Hill is the larger hill. Fighting occurred her during both battles of Fredericksburg.

* Lee Hill. This steep 1/2 mile trail leads from the parking lot at tour stop 2 on the driving tour to the top of the hill. General Lee had his command post here during the Battle of Fredericksburg. There are cannon, a shelter of exhibits and views.

* Hamilton's Crossing. This is about a 1/4 mile trail that begins at the parking lot on Prospect Hill at the south end of Lee Drive.

There are also hiking trails along Lee Drive. Click here for a map of trails at the north end of Lee Drive and click here for a map of the trails at the south end of Lee Drive.

Two additional trails have been developed by the City of Fredericksburg which encompass the fighting which took place in the town between December 11-13, 1862.

* Fire in the Streets. This trail starts at the Fredericksburg City Visitor Center and goes to the site of the street fighting on December 11, 1862.

* Assault on Marye's Heights. This trail starts at the Fredericksburg City Visitor Center on Caroline Street in downtown Fredericksburg and follows the route of the Union attackers to Marye's Heights.

There are trails at:

* Kenmore Mansion.

* Prospect Hill. Begin at Tour Stop 6 on the driving tour. You can walk parallel to the road along a series of Confederate artillery emplacements which can still be seen along with cannon and exhibits.

Guided walking tour along Sunken Road/Stone Wall
Guided walking tour along the Sunken Road/Stone Wall.

Did You Know?

Chatham Manor

Three presidents have been inside Chatham Manor. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson visited the Fitzhughs, their good friends. Abraham Lincoln attended a meeting in Chatham. A fourth president, William Henry Harrison, visited the grounds of Chatham when he was the president elect.