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    Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

    National Military Park Virginia

Directions to Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor is located at 120 Chatham Lane across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg. To reach Chatham from I-95, take exit 130 east toward Fredericksburg. Proceed approximately one mile. Turn left at a traffic light on William Street where the road adds to extra left turn lanes. Proceed through downtown Fredericksburg and across the Rappahannock River. Turn left at the first traffic light after crossing the river. Be in the left lane to almost immediately turn left again on Chatham Lane. See map.

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Chatham in snow
Chatham Manor

Did You Know?

7th Michigan Monument at Fredericksburg

In 2003, a monument to the 7th Michigan Infantry was placed where that unit crossed the Rappahannock River into the streets of Fredericksburg. It was the first Union regiment to cross the river during the Battle of Fredericksburg.The monument is on Sophia Street at the foot of Hawke Street.