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  • Chatham Exit Road Closed 9/2-9/5

    The Chatham exit road will be closed from September 2-5, 2014 as part of the project to restore the historic viewshed from Chatham Manor. The road will be closed at all times. Please use the Chatham entrance road as a two-way road. More »

Historical & Genealogical Research

Many unit histories and rosters can be found on the internet. If you are doing research on units or individuals, check out the sites highlighted below. These links are portals to a wealth of historical and genealogical information. Furthermore, each of these sites contains numerous additional links for even more information. The information includes unit histories, books about units and individuals, rosters, census records, cemetery records, battles, photographs, preservation groups and all kinds of genealogical information. For help in getting started in finding information on your Civil War ancestor, click here.

* Library of Congress
* Library of Congress Civil War Photographs
* The National Archives
* National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
* Links to archives and manuscript collections This is a great site maintained by Columbia University. If you do not find the library or archive listed below that you are looking for, try this link or the one directly below run by the U. of Idaho.
* Links to archives and manuscript collections Another great site maintained by the University of Idaho
* Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet. This is a very comprehensive site of links to genealogical websites around the world.
* Links to Civil War Websites These websites are portals to numerous Civil War related internet sites.


* Connecticut State Archives Civil War
Materials Finding Aid

* Connecticut Regiments
* Connecticut Rosters
* Delaware Public Archives
* Delaware Regiments
* Delaware Rosters
* Illinois in the Civil War
* Illinois Soldiers, data base from the Illinois State Archives
* Illinois Regiments
* Illinois Rosters
* Indiana State Archives
* Indiana in the Civil War
* Civil War Indiana
* Indiana Rosters
* Indiana Regiments
* Indiana Historical Society
* University of Notre Dame Civil War Manuscript Collections
* Maine State Archives
* Maine Regiments
* Maine Rosters
* Maryland State Archives
* Maryland Regiments (USA & CSA)
* Maryland Rosters (USA & CSA)
* Maryland Historical Society
* Maryland Genealogy
* Massachusetts Civil War Research Center
* Massachusetts Regiments
* Massachusetts Rosters
* Massachusetts Civil War Websites
* Michigan Rosters
* Michigan Regiments
* University of Michigan, Manuscript Division of the William L. Clements Library
* Minnesota State Archives
* Minnesota Rosters
* Minnesota Regiments
* Minnesota Historical Society
* New Hampshire State Archives
* New Hampshire Regiments
* New Hampshire Rosters
* New Hampshire Civil War History and Genealogy Project
* New Hampshire Historical Society
* New Jersey State Archives
* New Jersey in the Civil War
* New Jersey Regiments
* New Jersey Rosters
* New York State Archives
* New York State and the Civil War
* New York Regiments
* New York Rosters
* Ohio in the Civil War
* Ohio Rosters
* Ohio Regiments
* Wright State University Civil War Special Collections
* Pennsylvania State Archives
* Pennsylvania Civil War Veterans Information Cards contained in Samuel Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers.
* Pennsylvania Regiments
* Pennsylvania Rosters
* Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Civil War A website of searchable Pennsylvania rosters
* Rhode Island State Archives
* Rhode Island Regiments
* Rhode Island Rosters
* Brown University Special Collections
* U.S. Regular Regiments
* Vermont in the Civil War Includes Rosters
* Vermont State Archives
* Vermont Rosters
* Vermont Regiments
* Vermont Historical Society
* West Virginia State Archives
* West Virginia in the Civil War
* West Virginia Regiments
* West Virginia Rosters
* West Virginia Civil War Soldier Data Base
* West Virginia University Guide to Manuscripts and Archives
* Wisconsin State Historical Society
* Wisconsin Goes to War
* Wisconsin Rosters
* Wisconsin Regiments


Alabama State Archives
* Alabama Rosters A-L A searchable database for soldiers' names.
* Alabama Infantry Regiments
* Alabama Rosters, A different website from the one listed above.
* Alabama Regiments
* Auburn University Civil War Manuscript Collection
* Arkansas History Commission & State Archives
* Arkansas Regiments
* Arkansas Rosters
* Florida State Archives
* Florida in the Civil War
* Florida Rosters
* Florida Regiments
* Florida Pension Application Files
* Florida Soldiers
* Georgia State Archives
* Georgia Digital Library Diaries, letters, newspapers, etc. in both digital and transcribed formats.
* Civil War Georgia
* Georgia Rosters
* Georgia Regiments
Louisiana State Archives
* Louisiana Regiments
* Louisiana Rosters
Confederate Soldiers Buried in Maryland
* Mississippi State Archives
* Mississippi Rosters
* Mississippi Regiments
* North Carolina Rosters
* North Carolina Regiments
* South Carolina State Archives
* South Carolina in the Civil War by Mac Wyckoff
* The Civil War in South Carolina
* South Carolina Regiments
* South Carolina Rosters
* South Caroliniana Library Manuscript Collection
* Tennessee State Archives
* Tennessee and the Civil War
* Tennessee Regiments
* Tennessee Rosters
* University of Tennessee Library
* Tennessee Genealogy
* Texas State Archives
* Texas Regiments
* Texas Rosters
* Texans in the Civil War
* Texas Pension Records
* Rice University Manuscript Collection
* Library of Virginia
* Virginia Rosters
* Virginia Regiments
* Virginia Historical Society
* Virginia Military Institute Archives
* Civil War Resources in the Virginia Tech Libraries Special Collections (some manuscripts online)
* The Virginia Historical Inventory This is a collection of detailed reports, photographs, and maps documenting the architectural, cultural, and family histories of thousands of 18th and 19th century buildings in Virginia. There are 19,300 reports, 6,200 photographs and 103 county and city maps.

Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania
Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania

Did You Know?

Chatham Manor Gardens

Both Ellwood and Chatham were owned by the Lacy family during the Civil War. Both houses are part of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park.