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Fairsted and the Legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted

" we want a ground [park] to which people may easily go after their day's work is done, and where they may stroll for an hour, seeing, hearing, and feeling nothing of the bustle and jar of the streets, where they shall, in effect, find the city put far away from them…"
—Frederick Law Olmsted

Frederick Law Olmsted NHS, "Fairsted", at 99 Warren Street, Brookline, MA, preserves and interprets the home and office of pioneer landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and his successor firms. Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) is widely recognized as the founder of the American landscape architecture design profession and the nation's foremost park-maker. The site, which he named Fairsted, with its 19th-century house, attached early 20th-century office wing, rustic barn, and designed landscape, retains the pastoral character that drew Olmsted to Brookline, MA, in 1883. Besides being Olmsted's home, it also was where the nation's first large scale design office devoted to landscape architecture was based from 1883 until Congress created Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site in 1979.

April through December, visitors to the site can take a Ranger-led tour through the Historic Design Office as well as the restored landscape. New exhibits, installed in 2014, are self-guiding and are located on the first floor of the 1810 farmhouse. The exhibits include both traditional text and picture panels as well as interactive exhibits. .

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