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The Douglass A/V Library

Welcome to the Frederick Douglass A/V library. Here we collect movies, videos, and podcasts about Frederick Douglass. From elementary school podcasts to college lectures, lots of people are talking about Douglass. Keep in mind, most of these were not produced by the NPS so we cannot verify their content or ideas.

(If you want non-A/V Douglass resources on the web take a look at our list here).











David Blight

David Blight's Civil War and Reconstruction Class

Outstanding historian David Blight teaches a class for Yale University on the Civil War and Reconstruction, all available online.




Did You Know?

54th Mass

Two of Frederick Douglass's sons served in the 54th Massachusetts (portrayed in the movie "Glory") during the Civil War. Both Lewis and Charles survived, and lived to see their father hang a print of the 54th storming Fort Wagner in the front hall of Cedar Hill.