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The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial features numerous water elements that help to create an atmosphere where a visitor can concentrate on what he or she is seeing and reading. The water falls and pools also have deep symbolic meanings tied to President Roosevelt's life and career.

By solving this fun puzzle, you'll discover why the memorial designers used so much water. When you are finished, check to see how well you did!

Did you know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt remains the only U.S. President elected to four terms as President? All four of his inaugurations took place here in Washington, D.C. Complete this fun activity to learn more about Presidential Inaugurations and to understand FDR's importance as a leader during some of this nation's more difficult times.

Did You Know?

Statues of dustbowl couple

The statue of FDR in a wheelchair, located at the memorial entrance, was not part of the original design, nor was it present for the 1997 dedication. Interested parties, including the National Organization on Disability, fought to depict FDR in a wheelchair; this additional statue appeared in 2001.