• Fort Washington

    Fort Washington

    Park Maryland

Things To Know Before You Come

Fort Washington Is open year round. The park grounds are open from 8AM - Sunset.

The historic fort and the visitor center are open from 9AM - 4:30PM during winter months and 9AM - 5PM during the summer months.

Fort Washington is located 12 miles south of Washington, DC in Maryland.

Alcohol is prohibited in the park.

Dogs are allowed but must be on a 6 foot leash and under the control of owner.

For more information call 301-763-4600.

Did You Know?

The guns at Battery Decatur could hurl a shell seven miles.

Battery Decatur is named for Stephen Decatur. In 1804, Decatur led a small crew of sailors on a mission into Tripoli. The crew burned a US ship that had been captured by pirates and escaped without a loss of American life.