• Fort Washington

    Fort Washington

    Park Maryland



A groundhog retreating to his burrow.

NPS - Gant

Looking for information on the animals you might see at Fort Washington? This is the place, whether it was a odd bird call or some brown animal running across a field. This is a good place to start if you want to know what you saw or maybe just want to learn more about the animals at Fort Washington.

Did You Know?

The explosion aboard the USS Princeton in 1844 occured on the river near Fort Washington.

In 1844, President John Tyler was almost killed on the river near Fort Washington, when an experimental cannon exploded aboard the USS Princeton. Six were killed(including Secretary of State Abel Upshaw & Secretary of the Navy Thomas Gilmer) , 20 were injured. The accident prompted Thomas Jackson Rodman to develop a new way of casting artillery and the creation of the 15inch Rodman Gun, like the ones that can be seen at Fort Foote.