• Image of the reconstructed stockade at Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Museum looking northeast from the Land Bridge.

    Fort Vancouver

    National Historic Site OR,WA


A sampling of texts available in the bookstore

Many interesting titles are featured in the park's bookstore.

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The Bookstore carries a wide variety of books and items that help interpret the Reserve's diverse history and also help enhance your visit.

The bookstore is managed by our non-profit cooperating association, the Vancouver National Historic Reserve Trust, so bookstore sales directly aid the park.

You can find the bookstore in the park's Visitor Center, at 1501 East Evergreen Street in Vancouver, or you can reach the Bookstore Manager directly at (360) 992-1824.

Another bookstore can be found at the park's McLoughlin House unit in Oregon City, Oregon. This bookstore is operated by McLoughlin Memorial Association, and is located in the Barclay House at 613 Center Street (next door to the McLoughlin House).

Did You Know?

Image of O.O. Howard from the New York Historical Society's Civil War Treasures Collection

Did you know that a number of U.S. Army generals served at Fort Vancouver NHS’s Vancouver Barracks early in their careers? The list includes Generals Oliver O. Howard, George C. Marshall, Ulysses S. Grant, George B. McClellan, Phillip Sheridan, William T. Sherman, Omar Bradley and George Pickett. More...