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Photo of students walking into the reconstructed stockade, past the park sign with arrowhead emblem

NPS Photo

Fort Vancouver NHS, including the reconstructed British fur trade fort, the Army's Vancouver Barracks, Pearson Air Museum, and the McLoughlin House Unit, offer a variety of opportunities for people of all interests and ages.

Whether you prefer a solitary walk along a shaded historic pathway, the company of thousands of people at a special commemorative event, or an activity somewhere in between, Fort Vancouver NHS hosts many diverse activities and programs from which to choose. Cultural Demonstrations in the Blacksmith Shop, Carpenter Shop, and Kitchen connect you the historic lifeways from the 1840s, while Historic Weapons Programs, demonstrating small arms, swivel guns and howitzers that span the fur trade and nineteenth century US Army eras, reintroduce a thundering bang to the site.

For those desiring a more intimate experience, the park has walking paths with interspersed wayside exhibits, information panels in most buildings in the reconstructed fort for self-paced exploration, an award-winning mobile app for iOS and Android that explores the fur trade employee village through the experience of a Hawaiian employee, and two audio tours -- one for adults, one for families -- orient you to the reconstructed fort and the history of its buildings and people.

For the latest information on events and activities at the park, check out the park's online Calendar or contact the Visitor Center Information Desk at (360) 816-6230 for a description of current programming.


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