The McLoughlin Family Collection: A Look Inside the Fort Vancouver Museum Collection


At Fort Vancouver NHS, park staff preserve and protect more than two million historic objects in the park's museum collection, including the world's largest collection of archaeologically recovered Hudson's Bay Company artifacts and objects from several other national park sites. To help connect visitors to these often delicate objects, park staff initiated a publication series titled Within the Collection that has thus far highlighted images and information of five types of historic objects curated in the park.

The park's Fall 2013 Public History Field School produced an enhanced, digital publication titled The McLoughlin Family Collection: A Look Inside the Fort Vancouver Museum Collection that takes advantage of digital enhancements available via the iBooks platform to better highlight and provide access to amazing public objects from the McLoughlin family while not compromising their safety.


This book is available in several formats and is accessible by any electronic reading device that can access .PDF files.

  • An enhanced version of the book--with video, external links, enhanced images, and interactive historic artwork--is available as a free download for those with access to iBooks, through a desktop or laptop computer, an iPad, or an iPhone. Search iTunes for McLoughlin Family Collection or click here to access the book in the iBooks Store.

For more information about this Public History Field School project, please click here. To sample one of the enhanced features -- animated video of the book's introduction -- please click on one of the links below.


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