• Image of the reconstructed stockade at Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Museum looking northeast from the Land Bridge.

    Fort Vancouver

    National Historic Site OR,WA

Park Statistics


National Historic Site: June 30, 1961

National Monument: June 19, 1948


Gross Area Acres: 210


Total Recreation Visits for FY 2009: 1,017,326

Economic Impact of Park on Local Economy

Visitor Spending, 2009

$48,953,000 (all visitors)

$45,596,000 (non-local visitors)

Impacts of Non-local Visitor Spending, 2009

773 Jobs

$23,830,000 Labor income

$40,319,000 Value added

*Click here to access the full report Economic Benefits to Local Communities from National Park Visitation and Payroll, 2009


FY 2006 Annual Budget is $1,480,000

FY 2005 Annual Budget was $1,442,000

FY 2004 Annual Budget was $1,032,000

FY 2003 Annual Budget was $1,024,000

FY 2002 Annual Budget was $1,024,000

FY 2001 Annual Budget was $997,000


In FY 2006, the park had 17.8 FTE (full time equivalents)

In FY 2005, the park had 24.3 FTE (full time equivalents)

In FY 2004, the park had 22 FTE (full time equivalents)

In FY 2003, the park had 25 FTE (full time equivalents)

In FY 2002, the park had 26 FTE (full time equivalents)

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