People in the HBC Era 1824-1860

Image of an artist's rendering of many of the people of Fort Vancouver

To enable their financial success, the HBC employed a number of very culturally diverse people at Fort Vancouver.

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One of the hallmarks of a successfully functioning business is a clear and detailed accounting of its employees, including job titles, pay rates, status of employment contracts, and years of service.

Luckily for researchers and historians wanting to know more about the people the company employed, the HBC was no exception; it tracked this information annually through a document known as an Outfit.

Using the rigid class distinctions of these annual Outfits, please click on one of the links below for more information.

Company Servants


Company Clerks, Ship Officers, etc.

Barclay, Dr. Forbes

Grahame, James Allan

Mactavish, Dugald

Peers, Henry Newsham

Company Officers

Douglas, Sir James

McLoughlin, Dr. John

Ogden, Peter Skene

Simpson, Sir George

Work, John

Other Fort Visitors

Kane, Paul

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